When religion is thrown at you b/c you have cancer. What to do?

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Oh, good b/c this will be my

Oh, good b/c this will be my last interaction with you, ab. YOU ARE POISON. Bye bye :)

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@Agnostic believer: "Yes of

@Agnostic believer: "Yes of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The exclamation mark is the red nose of punctuation.

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Stick with the subject at

Stick with the subject at hand don`t go off by citing my grammar. Now do you have anything useful to add?

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Wow I have to say having read

Wow I have to say having read through the last few posts that you sir really are a truly odious individual. Why not give your trolling a break on this thread.

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@Agnostic believer: "Stick

@Agnostic believer: "Stick with the subject at hand don`t go off by citing my grammar."

The subject in hand is your inappropriate preaching, and your continual chopping and changing between Christian and agnostic/atheist.

My comment about exclamation marks was to warn you that your recent habit of putting dozens of them in every post makes you look like a clown. It wasn't really a grammatical point, since you placed them correctly at the end of a sentence. It's the number and frequency of them that seems so puerile.

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Well I give both perspectives

Well I give both perspectives since I lived both life style choices. And I`m a free man to discuss what I want, you can`t say I use profanity like some others here. There are theist and all sort of non-believers that post to this cite. Are you trying to get me censored here? is that your ulterior motive or what?

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@Agnostic Believer

@Agnostic Believer

Wow, dude, You are even more pathetic and ignorant than I give you credit for. Do you honestly and sincerely think for one instant that just because you do not use profanity that it somehow makes you such a "holier than thou" stand-up wonderful guy? Do you really believe it makes you seem so much more intelligent and "gentlemanly"? Damn, man, you take the word "delusional" to a whole new extreme, you know that? But, then, I have zero doubt you are already well aware of that. And I KNOW everybody else on this site is able to see it. And make no mistake, above everything else you represent, you are overall a cowardly little snot-nose bully who would never have the balls to stand face to face with a real person and spout the ridiculous garbage you post on here. So enjoy yourself, little boy. You may very well have some amount of "freedom" on this site, but you and I both know that yellow stripe running down that rubber spine of yours would have you pissing in your pretty pink frilly panties if you were ever try any of your chicken-shit nonsense in the real world.

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@Agnostic believer: "Are you

@Agnostic believer: "Are you trying to get me censored here? is that your ulterior motive or what?"

No. There's no censorship here. But if you carry on preaching you will either be ignored or ridiculed.

I don't really care either way, so I don't have any "ulterior motive." What could I possibly gain from you becoming unable to speak here?

You say you've "lived both lifestyle choices." Most of the people here can say the same. I was brought up a Christian. But you seem to be living both lifestyles at the same time or on alternate days. I don't know where you stand.

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@Algebe and Tin-Man re:

@Algebe and Tin-Man re: Agnostic Believer


Don't let him hijack the thread.

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@Sushi Re: Disengage

@Sushi Re: Disengage

Roger that.

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If profanity offends thee, fuck off. Go elsewhere. Pretty simple really.

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Koukla I hope the chemo brain

Koukla I hope the chemo brain goes away soon, I know it's not fun. I found when I had it the first time I was able to recall things and do things if I didn't think about them. As soon as I started to think about how to do something I couldn't remember. It did resolve to a great degree. The second chemo brain wasn't as bad. Now I deal with fibro fog.

I'm brand new to this forum - I'm an atheist that was raised Christian - I lost my belief over many years but finally admitted it when I found out I have a genetic condition which makes me extremely susceptible to cancer. 3 cancers, many organs and body parts removed, and twice on chemo I wondered why anyone in their right mind would believe in a deity who could inflict this on people.

I have similar questions to you, especially in regard to going on FB groups and hearing people praying away whatever the issue of the day is and I'm hoping that the more experienced on here could give some ideas. I'm at a loss as to what to do - currently I ignore those posts but what do I do when the "thoughts and prayers" are directed at me?


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" What do I do when the "thoughts and prayers" are directed at me?" Maybe ask them to donate money to cancer research in lieu of prayers?

Maybe we need to put a list of cancer research organisations together so you and Koukla can have it printed out ready to hand it to them or to post on Facey.

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Sushisnake, what a great idea

Sushisnake, what a great idea to just stop them in their jesus babble tracks and ask them to donate money. That should shut them up quickly!

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Welcome, Goosewing. Truly sorry to hear about your condition. Glad you chose this site. Plenty of good people here with some fantastic advice and research abilities, and they are always eager to help. Stay positive and strong. See you around.

Oh, and just to reinforce what some others have already said, do not concern yourself with offending others if you tell them their "thoughts and prayers are not welcomed." If they get their poor little feelings hurt, that is THEIR problem, NOT yours. Matter of fact, if they appear especially upset, perhaps you could suggest they go pray about their hurt feelings. *chuckle*

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Hey Goosewing, I'm sorry you

Hey Goosewing, I'm sorry you have to suffer so much pain, undoubtedly you will suffer from brain fog as well. Is it the combination of pain and the meds that does it? It's such a cruel side effect, whatever the cause may be. You mention you've had several organs removed. My friend would joke that I was about to lose half my body weight. Funny? I don't know but at least she didn't throw religion at me.

I'm lucky that was I was an atheist before I got sick so I didn't question the christian god (or anything for that matter) I was raised to believe but I think it's fine to reach out to one's god as long as I don't have to hear about it. Do you feel you've lost something in rejecting Christianity? Some kind of support or comfort?

FB has become a real problem. I'm a member of 3 cancer groups on FB and I think I'll be dropping 2 of them and just keep the one that deals strictly with Stage IV. The prayer hands emoji, the god this, jesus that....it's too much. I can let it rip here on AR but I can't do that to one who's suffering and uses religion as a crutch on FB. When it's directed at me, in person, I say "thank you" and if at all appropriate I'll explain how my surgeons did all the work. On FB, it's much easier to ignore but it still angers me.

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Brilliant idea...I'm stealing

Brilliant idea...I'm stealing it *runs away*

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Thanks Old man. Koukla's OP

Thanks Old man. Koukla's OP made me very, VERY thoughtful indeed and I've been trying think of something practical we can actually DO to call theists on it ever since, especially since "I'll pray for you" really means " I can do nothing at all for you and that makes me feel bad about myself, so I'll say something that makes me feel better about myself and no one will notice and call me on it." It was Gosewing's wording - " thoughts and prayers". It was sort of formal and reminded me of people asking others not to send flowers but to give donations instead for some reason.

I'll start the list:

Australian Cancer Research Foundation
Phone: 1300 884 988
Email: info@acrf.com.au

These guys fund raise to get needed equipment into labs. There are many other Aussie cancer research organisations.

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Great idea, any medical based research charity or secular aid organisation.

OR to give oneself some wicked satisfaction as well....
tell them you are opening a subscription in their name to Atheist Republic. If nothing else I would smile at the thought of them getting their monthly receipt! And explaining it to their nearest and theist dearest....Got to be worth $5 a month no?

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I have been through a similar

I have been through a similar series of events. I am also battling the Big C, and in 2010 went through what can only be described as 3 months of medical hell. But I survived and from that experience came a deeper appreciation of this planet, people, and the wonders of life.

When someone lets slip the "God" word, it is usually as a result of being programmed and saying things without understanding or thinking things through. They also believe that using the "G" word also has a positive effect.

When I was in the hospital, I could evict anyone from my room, that was easy. But these days, I just let things slip, it isn't getting worked up about or being another source of stress.

But if they continue to preach, I tell them that such a conversation is very stressful to me, and I don't want a relapse. If they still don;t get it, then it is time to either remove yourself from them, or them from you.

Even if you are at a fancy restaurant with dear friends, get up and leave to prove the point.

My suggestion is to take assertiveness classes, so you have more tools in dealing with such people.

Oh yea, get well.

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Hi David Killens, I hope you

Hi David Killens, I hope you're doing well with your cancer. It's certainly not an easy ride and not helpful to have religion thrown at us at our weakest moments. How ignorant of people! They just assume we must be believers and that their god/jesus talk will provide us with any kind of comfort. I'm so pumped up to come across another jesus freak...

I had no problems at the hospital except for my mom's friend who insisted on visiting. She's a cancer survivor and since then has become a born again christian. She thinks it was a miracle that her cancer disappeared. Her whole family has converted including her pharmacist daughter who says she believes in god as much as she does in science. It makes no sense to me. For my mom's sake I was polite but I know better now.

I might need anger management classes as opposed to assertiveness. I'm too afraid of letting go of my anger, I might lose control.

Be well David

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And I sincerely wish you well

And I sincerely wish you well Koukla.

For me, I find it amusing that two atheists somehow have enough morality to actually care about the welfare of the other? We do not need some religion to force us to abide by some ancient code.

As far as anger control, it takes time and practice to master. My suggestion is to always tell yourself that you cannot control how others feel and act, but you do control how you feel and act.

You can still be polite, but you have the right to just turn your back on them and walk away. Yes, no rebuttal or comment, just show them the back side of your head.

Take care, be strong, enjoy life.

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Hi. My first time on this, so

Hi. My first time on this, so I hope I'm ok. To you, the cancer SURVIVOR. Yes, we are survivors! About god-botherers: when I was going into the hospital back in 2000, and the clerk asked me what my religion was, I said (hey, my catholic mother was standing right there...), "None." They *all* seemed to take this admission as open season to "convert" me. My goodness, did I learn my lesson: Say what you mean; don't pussyfoot around to save people's feelings, not even my mom's. The next hospitalization, and all the subsequent ones, I always proclaimed, "I'm an atheist." Wow! The god-botherers disappeared. My best to you!. I don't have cancer, but I'm in & out of the hospital, with surgery scheduled on January 10. I went thru cancer and its aftermath w/ my sister. Good California "vibes" to all!

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Welcome Anxionnat,

Welcome Anxionnat,
I hope all your surgery and treatments go well. 'Chookas" and good luck for January 10th! Stay chatting!

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Hi anxionnat. Are we

Hi anxionnat. Are we survivors? If we label ourselves as such then that means we must've been victims. I don't know.

Why did the clerk ask about your religion at the hospital? Is that what they do in California? Poor you to have to have endured that at such a time. Maybe I'll buy an AR t-shirt and wear it at the hospital next time.

Good luck to you on Jan. 10 and continue keeping the believers at bay. Hope to hear from you after your recovery.

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@Koukla(love the name BTW)

@Koukla(love the name BTW)
Ask them to shit in one hand and pray into the other and then see what they get!

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LOL...thanks for the laugh,

LOL...thanks for the laugh, mykcob4!


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