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Well, I can agree more or

Well, I can agree more or less, but while I know alot my knowledge is not the best, and I know enough to not get a proverbial hat. [I'm talking about knowledge of Christianity.]

[This was addressed to Mykcob]

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I can honestly say, that I am

I can honestly say, that I am in full agreement with this post. I know because I used to be one of those Christians, especially when I was going through the process of becoming an atheist. I am sorry to say that during that period I was probably the most hateful I have ever been. I was angry because of my own insecurity, and I unfortunately pointed this in the wrong direction sometimes; be they a public comment, article, or even my own family members. That was the kind of person religion made me, and I never want to go back to it.

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I used to be a Christian too,

I used to be a Christian too, except now I am a Karaite Jew. I was convinced by my Rabbinic friend:

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Somehow, a few of us break out of that mental prison! That you have figured all this out while still a teen is rather remarkable. I was in my early 20s when I finally canned the last vestiges of religion.

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Thanks, I think I am rather

Thanks, I think I am rather grateful for my early conversion to atheism. Don't give me too much credit though, I'm not too far away from my 20s : )

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No, I never said it was your intention to ban anyone. It was simply a different perspective. You seem to garner a bit of anger and frustration because of what you deem as a hidden agenda. I used to do that too. The fact is getting angry only fuels their fire. Once you have gone to their home turf and seen what they resort to in order to propagate their arguments, you understand that you've already won before you have to say a word.

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I actually came here because

I actually came here because I was debating a Muslim and looked up if someone fulfilled the Quran Challenge on the internet.
I know this very well actually, you can't have a decent debate with almost any of them, see these debates:


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Have there been theists here

Have there been theists here who are inept at debate? Yep. Have there been theists with an agenda other than debate? Sure. Is the same true for some atheists who visit these pages? Indeed it is! I, for one, certainly don't want to fall into the trap of being "holier than thou".


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