Where Are Us? Where are they?

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Where Are Us? Where are they?

Where Are Us? Where are they?

I keep hearing a bunch of BS surrounding $1,200. If it comes to me I will happily accept it, will it cure me? No, not even from the poverty I’m in.
The U. S. Government failed us as did governments Worldwide, working to end the Corona Virus, but accomplishing nowhere near enough, nor soon enough. But...Where the hell are the churches? Aren’t they a society in clear view, financially well off and above the whole governmental BS?
Why the hell is the popemobile idle, the megachurches, those preaching a need for money to enter or buy a seat from?
Why aren’t they descending from on high and helping the poor and helpless?
Why are they not delivering food to those they know are poor in their community and need food?
A bag of what the farmers and stores are destroying and throwing away and non-perishables, even an MRE as an idea, delivered, per Human in Crisis.
A hotline of some form for those needing help immediately to receive “a financial thank you for literal generations of sweat, blood, life, limb and financial donations!”
A gift of love from god and in his (nearly always so) or their good name or names?
The World’s true largest conglomerates.
Bezos’ Amazon paid NO taxes! Deplorable!
Those stating a connection to one of the 2,500 plus god structures also paid and pay no taxes.
Not ‘cause they pay a bunch of lawyers and accountants to steal it away from taxation, only because they said they are so connected and affiliated.
Lovely, they’ve got palaces to look down on us from, but if the concept of their god “not wanting gold, only to help those needing it”, held any weight for any of these gold for god preachers, then people would be helped. Not Now. For months now.
They know exactly who is water, food and money poor, the pope’s throned up in Rome while a thousand plus drop daily immediately around him.
So much to be lost.
Where is/are your priests and godly celebrities? But not your god.
That’s up to you, I am speaking about those you visit often who know all about your fears and finance.
The poverty of their people are not helped by their thoughts on those playing with tigers on NETFLIX.
Even if 24/7 prayers is their drive, it’s been months, doing and getting zero change though it’s expected?
A great Human and eventual American stated that as a definition of stupid.
Now darker but so much more necessary, for far more are far more far more immediately in need. And the big you know all about it.
Those they’ve know are abused or on the verge of abuse and or the many types of non-viral harm.
Have you guys heard about all of the spaces not used for churches set up to accommodate anyone in need, isolated and constructed to protect running away from abuse and abusive situations?
Every city larger than...”
These people have heard in the words of the victim again and again, growing as it grows and you are bunkered down on the profits?
How many people that are now 24/7 with that person or those people. Alone and feeling somewhat comforted by “god works in mysterious ways!” and knowing one other Human knows.
Where’s any care about those billions of Humans who look up, think they see you, then god, but you are the ugly shade blocking any view of what they seek if you are not helping in a large and inclusive way.
You don’t pay into anyone’s today and tomorrow, spill from what you’re not paying to all by helping all.
Hell, be selfish, a kind ear can bring people to your benches and so cash to you from here forward. Economically by not, you’re all shooting yourselves by not showing the overpowering, overwhelming splendorous love of god or gods when needed is not good. Losing money from here forward. Sorry to feel I need to spell it out.
Preying and praying and money, luxury and safety from COVID.
Those who’ve personally enriched you, help them, be gracious and thankful, those you’ve legally been allowed to financially withhold from are also important.
All of your version of “all of god’s kids” are in desperate need of more than a lie to hold onto you.
Actions are always the way. Put your huge amount of money where your mouths are. Those in crisis, the poor, sick, scared, hungry, afraid of dying and dying are all around you and you, as a possible sub-species of Human, you all do nothing, increasing the need for a new sub-category. Being better is far more rewarding than far richer! Spiritually, morally and per basically all of your bestsellers.
Do I have to question your piety and divinity at “the right hand of god/gods”?
Are you so flawed and are just waiting to be caught so are afraid of a microbe? Or are you feeling a bit afraid of you as proof of god/gods?
Just a thought…
Everyone else, please, do all you need to be healthy, isolation or mask/glove/washing thoroughly, so those around you will have your help and love if they need it.
Be smart and do what you need to do to be closer to “ok”.
If you’ve got more than one room or a safe place, set specific “me time” as a vacation from the World. Examine your triggers then work to disallow them from triggering.
Be freakin’ nice, calm and patient.
You know that you know many who would love 2 seconds of your attention! Cut and paste and be inclusive in trying to connect (positive) and not connect (yeah, yeah, you bet, yeah bye!” S*%t!).
Your decision.
Finally, and PTSD and me are long acquaintances, those who, due to isolation and forced proximity, are in peril. You know who I’m talking about as soon as you read that.
If you know and do nothing expecting no change, this is just an Einstein approximation. But the stupidity is lethal and raising fast!
Help, care, give knowing we are all only Humans. Remember, immediately around you, deeply in need of immediate help to survive every aspect of this crisis includes us all.
2 seconds perhaps a quick smile, a little longer and you can bring some positive change in pretty bleak times to those you say you love and care about in some way.
How do you prefer to force a divide by silence and a pre-isolation state of isolation?

Good luck out there

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Lots to “unwrap” ... usually,

Lots to “unwrap” ... usually, I like “conversations”. You’re almost like “fishy cracker” where I called for a song and prayer at the end.

Anyway, not sure what your “point is” or if you’re just releasing after isolation for so long.

My POV is everything is pretty much like a tool. Eg. I ordered material (for a homemade quilt - yes I sew) through Amazon, but it was supporting small town Alberta ...she sent a nice little thank you note with the filled order.

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"My POV is everything is pretty much like a tool."


I live within my means and have not used credit for 30 years. Of the vast number of things I own the only 'things' I really care about are a few photo albums.

Perhaps the most important thing I've carried away from reading Marx is that objects have no intrinsic value. We've been conned by a rabid consumer economy into believing things have a value in and of themselves. . They they do not.

We live in a fiat economy, having come to believe that money has a value in and of itself. Its value is built on sand .IE on the notion of credit, the base of which is trust.

My point; money is simply a tool. Our society is moving away from a fiat economy. I suspect that within another generation cash will be rare, and will eventually disappear. The credit card may be replaced by say a barcode on our inner wrist.

--Even sex is a tool. (no pun intended) Evolution has made sex so pleasurable that humans tend to engage in as a form of recreation far more than for reproduction.

That sex is a tool is made abundantly clear as one ages, and one's hormone production drops. Lower levels of hormones tend to result in a reduced libido. That means far less time thinking about and engaging in sex or its pursuit---Or at least that's how it's become for me. Perhaps I'm unusual.

So yair White, right on the money imo. .


Old joke ,your sewing comment brought it mind:

Two guys sitting at a bar

First guy: My mother made me a homosexual.

Second guy : "REALLY? If I gave her the material , do you think she would make me one?

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My ex wife is definitely a

My ex wife is definitely a tool, and a very greedy one at that.

Had a letter off her solicitor yesterday asking for £158k....

She may have confused me with Jeff fucking Bezos, but she's in for a large fucking disappointment...I will certainly need to think of my life savings as irrelevant now, as I had planned to retire in 2 to 3 years, now I'm properly screwed. I just hope Covid 19 doesn't lose me my job. If I die she gets fuck all, except a protracted legal battle to contest the will.

I have never really hated anyone, but she really is pushing the outside of the envelope for cuntishness.

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So, that heterosexual thing.

So, that heterosexual thing.

How's that working out for ya?

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I am speaking about those you

I am speaking about those you visit often who know all about your fears and finance.

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