Where is the Pope during the holocaust?

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Where is the Pope during the holocaust?

The holocaust is one of the tragic events during the 20th century. I just wondered where the pope was before the holocaust happened. Did the Vatican have effort to prevent the craziness of Hitler?

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I really didn't know, so I

I really didn't know, so I asked Google.


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Critics won't accuse the

Critics won't accuse the Vatican or the pope himself for being too cautious or not doing enough if he did enough. The Vatican is good at mending with various political and moral issue worldwide, why the pope did not used the extent of his power in order to save not just thousand of Jews but even to prevent the holocaust from happening? Quite ironic for me...

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Not quite ironic as the

Not quite ironic as the current Pope sitting on the sidelines during the current genocides in Africa. Those people are Christians, a lot of them.

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What do you think of the last

What do you think of the last Pope saying he was resigning because he was getting to old and tired to do his job well and then leaking out last week that God told him in a dream to resign?

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Well, maybe god spoke to his

Well, maybe god spoke to his dreams so he can have alibi on the previous statement he made, lol! Anyway, we're not really sure if such statement really came from the pope himself.

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True, it could very well have

True, it could very well have been a rumor started by a group of scared Catholics so that they could keep up the appearances of the Pope's assumed relationship with god :)

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We knew that the Pope is

We knew that the Pope is human like us too but he has a special power given by the followers of the catholic church and even by the whole world so at least a pope should do something to prevent various humanity issues in the planet. With his special power, he can even roam the world without passport or visa.

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Alright, but what you

Alright, but what you honestly expect a pope to do with the various genocides going on in this world at any given moment. I mean even the UN had trouble being able to quell them with the help of the US. I actually suspect in some cases they may even fund them. I know the pope has power but there is only so much he can do and during the Holocaust he did what he could while being stuck in the middle of it with out getting killed for interference. Even what he did could have gotten the Vatican leveled and resulted in the death of everyone there. Its easy to judge someone as not doing enough but its totally different when you are the one who has to do the doing.

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If i regard the Pope as human

If i regard the Pope as human, yes, I certainly see your point Zaphod. He was kind of cornered.

However, the Pope as the emissary of God, ad he is supposed to portray himself? He should have found a way to do something. God would not shrug his mercy for political motives alone, nor would he let himself be shown to be powerless. The Pope should have the same attitude, since he's supposed to speak for god and everything.

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He could at least empower the

He could at least empower the countries' leaders to move over in preventing genocidal plans. Hitler is only one together with his army but there are lots of countries out there who could have move through the empowerment of the pope especially religious countries who have enough armies. He doesn't have to interfere personally but his influence and words could have done so much, he remained mum and put himself in the middle when obviously there is someone wrong in the situation.

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What do you think of the new

What do you think of the new Pope Mystic? So far I think I'm gonna like him.

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I don't understand why the

I don't understand why the Catholic church doesn't wield its immense power to help control the slaughter of its flock in these countries.It would make sense to give payback to the those who would harm them.

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Are you talking holy wars our

Are you talking holy wars our just an all out cleansing of evil people?

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Even though the church has

Even though the church has done so in the distant past, I don't see them really getting much support for a new Holy war. However, offering funding and protection for it's people shouldn't be too much to ask, right?

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I also do not think that

I also do not think that there is such thing as holy war.
There are just wars in history that very greedy leaders have started and lots of innocents are victims.

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And the Crusades, not a

And the Crusades, not a single one of them, not even the Cathar genocide which was directly ordered by the Pope, are considered Holy Wars in your book Gina?

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