Which among those gods?

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Which among those gods?

For atheists, if you will be given option to chose a god as our creator supreme-being, who would you pick? Will you choose god of Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, Wiccan, Luciferian, one of those Greek gods, one of those Egyptian gods, or any god of your choice?

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I'd be polytheistic. I think

I'd be polytheistic. I think the idea that each different thing in the Universe has a different god associated with it, metaphorically it seems fitting. Also, the gods of the Romans and Greeks were shamelessly hollow, violent, vengeful and the rest, whereas the god of the bible refuses to admit to his many faults.

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In our folk tradition, people

In our folk tradition, people long ago believe that there are different gods that they can call upon. Maybe it's better than to have one god that you don't really like.

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A monotheistic universe with

A monotheistic universe with a single all-powerful leader reminds me of a dictatorship. That's not really a problem with polytheism.

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That's a tough one for me! I

That's a tough one for me! I'm drawn to Buddhism on many levels, but their overall attitude of restraint rubs against my vital nature. They don't really have a God so much as a Teacher, though.

I really dig the Egyptian Gods. Every Pharaoh will eventually die and get to be Osiris, so if you like your King, you can count yourself lucky that he'll be sailing down the Nile for all eternity. The calming, yet stern doctrine of their entire culture allows us to go as crazy as we want in the meantime, because everything is sure to return to perfect order soon enough, just as it has every season, every year, forever. And if you forget the story, it's just going to repeat, so you never miss anything :)

The Pantheon God structure is also interesting, and if you notice, they are mostly all the same. Greek, Roman, Norse... I think my favorite would be Norse. It seems the most authentic of the three, though the Greeks have more drama.

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Most gods have the manners

Most gods have the manners and morals of the ancient barbarians who created them -- not fit for polite society. Zeus, serial rapist; Jehovah, serial murderer; the Hindu and Egyptian gods breeding like over-medicated rabbits....

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Serial rapist

Serial rapist
Serial murderer
over-medicated rabbits!!!
Lol!! Those are funny descriptions!!!
I'm wondering what if one of them is indeed the real supreme god!
What's the life waiting for the humanity?!

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No real supreme god.

No real supreme god.

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God has at various times been

God has at various times been played by Alanis Morrissette, Eliot Gould, Stephen Fry, Whoopi Goldberg, Lee Majors, Garrett Morris, Tom Sizemore, Tony Curtis, Faye Dunaway, Rodney Dangerfield, Billy Dee Williams, Zachary Quinto, Trey Parker, Harry Shearer, David Johansen, Marianne Faithful, James Garner, Roger Moore, Ann-Margret, John Gielgud, Seth MacFarlane, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Mitchum, George Burns, Charlton Heston, George Plimpton, Robert Morley, Gene Hackman, Richard Pryor, and my personal favorite, Ron Jeremy. So take your pick -- which god is the real thing?

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Must admit I did have a

Must admit I did have a little chuckle whilst reading this, did see something like this coming haha. Regardless, you make a very interesting point anyway - how is it possible to know why god is truly the real supreme being?

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The greek gods seem to have a

The greek gods seem to have a very nice appeal about them but it just seems to ridiculous for me to believe in any of them. Good question though. I might have to think about it a bit more.

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If I could choose any of them

If I could choose any of them I would not choose any because I dont think any would be good enough. I do of what you mentioned above like the Greek and Ancient Egyptian gods for entertainment purposes the most. If I absolutely had to pick a supreme being, I would choose all of creation and explain it like this, not the creator but the creation itself and we are all, as parts of the universe, parts of this Being to various levels of consciousness and therefore this being is all we like and don't like. By being aware of this Being we can improve upon it and grow to understand more about it and therefore with this awareness we are gifted with the ability to create a better being to be a part of. Like cells of a brain we make choices and fire off our synapses sometimes killing ourselves off and motivating ourselves forward sometimes doing harm to ourselves and sometimes doing well. So I would say this supreme being is everything and we are a part of it. So like a twist on something a wise man Jesus once said, whatever we do to the least of creation so we do to ourselves and as energy we get cycled through this ever-looping creation until we know what it is like to have been every part of creation ourselves. I think that is the closest I can come to convincing myself there could be a supreme being.

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I would choose pantheism to

I would choose pantheism to believe that the earth and god is the same, may be that way we will all care more what is happening to our planet.

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I can definitely get in to

I can definitely get in to worshiping the Earth, but I don't believe that god and the Earth are one and the same. They're not the same at all! For starters, the Earth exists...

Why the earth doesn't make a good enough "God" for most people all by itself is beyond me!

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Caring for our planet is good

Caring for our planet is good but our planet earth is not god because being a supreme god, one should have no beginning nor end. The earth started and will be ended very long time from now.

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This post, and the subject of

This post, and the subject of choosing gods, reminds me of one of my favorite books, American Gods (hopefully I'm not the only one who has read it? It's pretty much a neo-classic). So, in that line of thinking, perhaps let's not confine ourselves to *ancient* gods... there's a few modern candidates that currently hold a lot more sway in our society than the archaic ones.

There's plenty of people who appear to worship Google, and Apple :)

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That's is something we share

That's is something we share in common, American Gods is too one of my favorite books.

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Answering within the confines

Answering within the confines of actual pantheons from our history, I would choose either the Hellenistic or Norse gods.

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