White Evangelicals Voted En Masse For Roy Moore In Alabama

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White Evangelicals Voted En Masse For Roy Moore In Alabama

This was a headline today. So the next time someone asks you if you think christians are stupid please say Yes

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Those voters were either

Those voters were either stooped or assholes.

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The main thing about party

The main thing about party affiliation is the view that no matter how flawed the candidate is, they are still better than the other party's candidate. And here's why: Agenda!
If you are a republican you follow a strict agenda that favors an unregulated out of control big business dominated political stance. Even if your candidate molested children, even if he still does, the main thing is that as a senator he will vote against anything that remotely Liberal and toe the conservative party line.
That is why those people voted for Moore, no matter how they justified it, and yes MCD, you are right, they are stupid. Conservatives NEVER care about what is good for the nation, nor do they care for the rule of law.

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