Who do Christians hate more than atheists? Other Christians of course

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Who do Christians hate more than atheists? Other Christians of course


Pope Francis got rather a chilly reception from local theists during his visit to Georgia. Maybe if he'd grown a bushy beard they might have liked him better. I think the Orthodox lot have better costumes and hats.

I wonder why different Christian sects still hate each other after all this time. From my perspective, this looks like Coke and Pepsi fighting over whose drink tastes best. For most people there's no difference, and both consist of water, fizz and sweeteners anyway.

Perhaps a theist can explain why Jesus' followers become so hateful over obscure differences in doctrine, costume and facial hair.



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Market share.

Market share.

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One messiah equals one

One messiah equals one religion...??

You'd think so.... but ......No.....

In 1900 there were apparently 1,600 denominations.....however.....in an apparent attempt to prove just how divisive religion can be....

we now stand at a number between 33,000 and 43,000...

Pretty good going for just over a century....


World Christian Encyclopedia (David A. Barrett; Oxford University Press, 1982) apparently estimated almost 21,000 denominations, and the updated World Christian Encyclopedia (Barrett, Kurian, Johnson; Oxford Univ Press, 2nd edition, 2001) estimated at least 33,000. “Denomination” is defined as “an organised christian group within a country”.

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary estimated 34,000 denominations in 2000, rising to an estimated 43,000 in 2012. These numbers have exploded from 1,600 in the year 1900.


check this out for "Brotherly Love"....

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