Who made Who... Why do we rebel?-> sins in the garden were given to us

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Who made Who... Why do we rebel?-> sins in the garden were given to us

       We have everything that we need to know!... --> in order to live rightiously through the word of God; found in our Holy Bible (our CREATOR and GIVER OF LIFE -Almighty God- hath declared it!)
       ... so then... by "this way" we are rewarded with *life eternally* ...after the death of our flesh, BUT ONLY IF! ->we are saved in Jesus Christ!  
    ...and...-> [ATHIESTS]...->...those questions you have that are beyond ~your "wanted-knowlege"~... as of right now... can begin to answer themselves for you through prayers in faith and absolute wisdom through understanding... So believe this message now... RIGHT now!...
    -->and unto those holden steadfastly in His commandments  and repenting and faithfully absorbed in the word of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Almighty; (As the Only true life-saving Gospel!), then the same glory shall dawn upon your soul and fill your spirit with holiness (The Holy Spirit), which shall indeed sanctify you in the blood and the body to rise again as He rose for you... Our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ King of kings and Lord of lords...  And it shall be that all the sons and daughters of God be rewarded life ever after to the full knowledge capacity of our ancient spiritual selves.  >>>Ourselves, even before the time Satan tried over-throwing the  heavens in the first heaven age, are we each a gift of life born in the flesh to prove thier loyalty to thier Father and in this 2nd heaven, and earth age, ...we just so happen to be in the last generation before Christs return and the wrath of the book of Revolations becomes  a prophesy we ALL know quite well!

       ... I love you all!... AMEN!   I wouldn't keep doing this posting and replying if I didn't... Its what you need to know! ... Know this verse.... Mathew 24; 34 (...then do a little flipping back a page or so and sharpening up as to allow the Gospal to settle rightly in my mind)... and read... Glory be, Glory be... Allow each word to cover like honey over the sweet buds of your mind! I PRAY FOR ME AND YOU ! Amen.

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Ohhh... not again...

Ohhh... not again...


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Let's see, it's 5 crackpot

Let's see, it's 5 crackpot points for each word in all caps. I count 60 points.

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I wonder what he would score

I wonder what he would score if we ran his OP thru The Pragmatic's Kenny Detector.

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@Looongwinded: "and unto

@Looongwinded: "and unto those holden steadfastly"

I drive a Holden. It's an Australian car make now owned by GM. I used to drive Fords and then Jaguars, but now I'm Holden steadfastly. Does that mean I'm saved? Holy air bags! Get thee behind me Hyundai.

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Obviously LW77

Obviously LW77
You are young and uneducated. You have been brainwashed. You asked 48 questions that bordered on pathological and psychotic. But I ignored the basis from whence the questions came and answered them all.
You didn't learn a damn thing.
So now you are just trolling.

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Longwinded - "I PRAY FOR ME

Longwinded - "I PRAY FOR ME AND YOU"

In the words of Christopher Hitchens, "you pray for me, and I'll think for you"

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Sins in the Garden? Yes! Yes

Sins in the Garden? Yes! Yes I do!

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Trolling is strong with this

Trolling is strong with this one!

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