Who would want to believe in a god that had his son killed?

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Again that is stupid read my

Again that is stupid read my post in the forum on freedom. You take all religions the same, and that is wrong.

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Not all are the same, but all

Not all are the same, but all Abrahamic religions are mostly the same yes.
I replied to your freedom argument.

Just check the 10 commandments themselves to know how free you are compared to a truly free person.
They are called COMMANDments for a reason.

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Well to get in on the forum I

Well to get in on the forum I don't have a problem with that. I'm glad that God would go to the extent of giving His son to die for me. He showed us, instead of just telling us that He loves us. You have to look at Jesus from more than just one view point. Though He was God's son through the flesh, He was still God Himself. He knew what He had to do to redeem a lost and sinful people. He was willing to suffer in our place to satisfy the law that condemns us. And yes He made the law according to His Holiness. And Yes He knew we wouldn't be able to keep the law. That way He was the only one that could satisfy the law. That way no one could bragg on themselves, in that they were able to get to Heaven without Him. If He is the creator of everything, then why shouldn't He get the glory out of what He made? But it's bigger than that. Before He spoke everything into existence, He already knew He was going to have to suffer. Yet He did it anyway, just so He would have someone to love Him unconditionally. Even more than that He came into this world and lived as the poor. He had people then arguing against Him, even though He fed them, and healed them. Yet was mocked and called names. And yet still went to the cross for them. The cross is the most cruel way that people have ever been put to death openly in the public's eyes. What He did is He took my place for the transgressions I committed against the law of God. He paid my sin debt, so I could go free.

Now for how you think that theists are stupid. Did you know that the guy that invented the MRI machine is a theist? Did you know that the Bible shows that we should study things in scientific ways to understand at least to a degree of how amazing God is and how complex He made things, so that we could see that it took a creator to do it? Did you know that the most of the scientists that came up with the evidence of the laws of physics, and of thermodynamics and others, were mostly Christians.
How stupid do you think you will feel when you take your last breath and you end up finding out that all the arguing you do against God isn't true, and that you have wasted your life. By the way it looked to me that you got off the subject of this forum very early in your posts.

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You know Chuck, for a theist

You know Chuck, for a theist who questions the point of spending time on this site and the intelligence of those involved, it seems as though you spend your time here and seem even less intelligent than those who you insult.

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Nt it should be obvious that

Nt it should be obvious that atheists feel they can no longer stand idly by while theists commit atrocities in the name of religion and use brainwashing techiques on children.
That is why atheists argue with theists were trying to free them from self imposed slavery.

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Well typical here i was

Well typical here i was defending theists and that idiot came and orived ne wrong lol


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