Why are there so few decent people in the world?

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Why are there so few decent people in the world?

My experience has taught me that the majority of people are terrible. No concern for others or anything more than their hedonic treadmill. Why is this? Why is good a minority?

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Because there's only one of

Because there's only one of me. LOL.

Because we're animals with a thin veneer of civilisation. Scratch anyone and you'll find a caveman (or woman).

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I read yesterday that most

I read yesterday that most people have only about a dozen true friends who would offer support when one is "in extremis." So I guess one just needs to identify those 12 or so decent people and cultivate strong and lasting friendships.

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Alembre, my friends are

Alembre, my friends are those of convenience. I was cursed with a rapidly learning brain, so even though I am not the best at anything, I coordinate disparate fields well. I can't really talk to my surgeon in training friend about the efficacy of machine intelligence in medicine (i.e. watson) when he is so focused on becoming a damn good doctor. Without mutual understanding of the self, I can't bridge the gap to brotherhood

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I think you are right, i

I think you are right, i think it has to do with the habitat we are in.

Everybody thinking for himself except maybe your parents if you are lucky.

Thus we are evolving to care less for others and focus on how we can survive better in an ever more demanding society.

Though some of us are born with the need to help everybody, and it makes them happy when they do.

I hope one day we are free to live in a society which makes it more easy to help others.

One of the reasons I am on this forum is because I love to help people as best as I can.

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