Why Believe?

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Why Believe?

I've never understood why, even though some believers will admit that their "God" is not proveable, they choose to,believe in something that is not there, and has no proof of. Theists will say, "well, you HAVE to believe in something... something that is bigger than yourself." Believe in something even if it dosen't make any sense, and is scientifically, biologically, and physiologically impossible? I just can't comprehend the purpose of that. Why can't people believe in THEMSELVES, or someone they look up to, a family member, a mentor? Why believe in something just for the sake of believing in something, even if it is ridiculous? To me, believing in a "God" is the same thing as believing in Santa Claus, ( same concept...someone that is watching everything you do, and will "punish" you for being bad) the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy...all things we were taught to believe when we were kids... believing in a God is like the Santa Clauss for adults.

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Religion was designed by

Religion was designed by humans to control the masses and explain what humanity did not know. We now know the earth is round and revolves around the sun. Unfortunately, Galileo had to pay the price for the rest of us for revealing the truth. Thanks to the internet that process is being continued as information from more and more discoveries erode religion’s baseless claims. It is a war of attrition, religion won’t relinquish control willfully. It will be a gradual erosion of myth replace by truth and backed by evidence.

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An interesting read
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Daily Squib is a satirical

Daily Squib is a satirical British publication. Organized religion won't go away that easily LOL.

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You said it yourself, we

You said it yourself, we learned as children. A human child can not run like a gazelle just 20 min after birth, The human child have not so much instinct as other animals, he may have a better brain, but empty, thats why the child will believe as a fact all his parents will teach him, because his survival depends of it. For centuries religions keep strong because is very hard to get rid of religious teachings, we all had been brainwashed as child, even if after we grow we realize they may be untrue.

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It is true that most of us

It is true that most of us are brainwashed to believe this nonsense from when we are little kids. When you don't know anything else, you will believe it as truth. Children do not have the opportunity to CHOOSE what they wish to believe, or not believe...or even a different type of religion that they were brought up with. How can they make a choice, when certain things were imbedded into their little heads from when they were babies. I always tell my daughter that it is okay to believe, but as you get older, and begin to make sense, or nonsense, out of things, it is also okay to NOT believe...that there is nothing wrong with you, and nothing bad will happen to you...that you are still the same loving, caring person...you do not need a religion to have those qualities. It's just a shame that if you grow up with a mind of your own, put 2 and 2 together and you realize it dosen't equal 4, the theists will jump all over you and look down on you. That is why I'm glad I found this website...so that I may express my views and opinions without having to deal with the wrath of the overwhelming religious people in my company. I am always the outcast...although religion is a subject that we try to stay away from...but it is amazing, the most religious people have absolutely NO tolerance for any difference of opinion.

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Well Christians were blinded

Well Christians were blinded by there huge faith, such faith can move mountains but they used it to prove something that has no proof.

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When was the last time you

When was the last time you saw "faith" move a mountain? I'd much rather see it cure sick children. The "miracles" talked about in the Bible are unfortunately doing NOTHING to help people today. Walking on water, moving mountains, turning the sea colors, the crying picture, the bleeding statue, is all well and good, but these things don't HELP PEOPLE. It's been thousand of years...I guess we'll have to wait a few more thousand.

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I think majority of humans

I think majority of humans are just too busy in their daily lives. they just donot have time to dig into such intellectual and thought consuming topix. so they feel comfortable believing in what they believe because their gaps are being filled by their religion.

Ofcourse without proving anything. infact the weapon of emotions is used to make people fall for it or not to ask the real questions.

As far as I know all the mainstream religions like islam christianity and judaism actually look down to intellectual and proof demanding questions like the existence of god or the reality of miracles. most commonly believers believe that even thinking in this manner is a sin. so they are threatened.

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I've always said that truth,

I've always said that truth, proof, reality, and common sense never go over very well...especially when it comes to family, and religion. No one ever wants to ackowledge these things because it makes people uncomfortable, and can refute their way of thinking. My philosophy has always been, if there are 5 fingers in front of you, don't try to convince yourself and others that there are only 3.

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Indoctrinated cultural values

Indoctrinated cultural values. People are taught to value faith above reason, opinion above fact, and emotional appeal above logical consistency. If you want to know the current state of cultural values, look at the current state of the media. If sensational journalism and reality TV aren't enough to cause you to despair, you might already be infected.

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