Why confession is important?

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Why confession is important?

When I was a Christian I never missed to confess yearly or every time I have the opportunity to do so. I used to think that it was very important to clean my soul and to please god. Now I view it as a nonsense thing to do? Why do we have to confess to sinners like us? What can you say about confession?

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People use confession as a

People use confession as a means to get rid of guilt they have accumulated over the years. I would never thing that this is the practice of good people. At least in general it feels more like their way to be complete aholes and then "purge" all their sins in confession. What a lame way to allow people to be bad and then get cleaned up with a few prayers.

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people use confession as a

people use confession as a way to clean their conscience and get rid of their guilt

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Confession is not enough to

Confession is not enough to get rid of the guilt from doing something ridiculous. Becoming responsible to any committed sin is much better than just confessing it.

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Umm... yeah. I went through

Umm... yeah. I went through the Catholic motions for a while, and asked a lot of questions. So I know this one :)

The point of confession is to tell the priest your sins. In order to atone, he gives you a list of prayers. Depending on which church you go to, you might find yourself looking at an *awful* lot of Hail Mary's!

Back in the day, people used to be able to pay monks or nuns to say their prayers of atonement for them, and in this way the convents and monasteries pulled in a profit.

Now, I think people just like to go in and get it all off their chest early Saturday evening before that go out for another wild Saturday night.

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