Why Do Atheists Lack Belief in God? When There is Evidence for God

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You wanna know something

You wanna know something funny revivin is technically an atheist.
The original defination of the word is one whos religion is not the states religion. Since these days only third world countries have a enforced state religion. That means christians living anywhere except the vatican are by the original definition atheists.

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Im sure he thinks its fine to

Im sure he thinks its fine to kill atheists after all christians killed every atheist they found for over a thousand years.
And remember the news section report on a christian radio dj who said he WANTS Ebola to come to the usa to KILL all the fags abortionists perverts and atheists.

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Christians believe all

Christians believe all atheists are going to hell so does not matter what you do to them. That gives them the right to break the commandment against lying to spread untrue filth about atheists. Gives them the right to burn 'witches' in Africa. Gives them the right to lie about homosexuals. Gives them the right to treat and non christian as scum despite 'love thy neighbour'.

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The Bible is very clear a

The Bible is very clear a person once saved is always saved for it says in John 10.28 those who are born-again "they shall never perish." Mormons are not Christians because the Bible says God is alone from everlasting, whereas Mormons believe God was not alone from everlasting and that he use to be a man who became God. The ratio of Christian charities to atheists charities is more than 100 to 1. Naming 1 or 2 atheist charities is not going to help your claim. Also, there may be denominations in Christendom, but not everyone in Christendom is saved, for only those who are members of the body of Christ are saved. Christendom encompassed the outward appearance of the kingdom, not necessarily everyone who is saved. There are no denominations in the body of Christ for the Bible says don't say "I of Cephas" or "I of Apollos". What you consider to be Judaism is not the ancient Hebrew's belief. Christianity at its essence is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the coming Messiah who would be born through the nation of Israel. God first revealed Himself to Israel. In it we discover the uncreated Creator. Polytheism is false since there can only be one uncreated Creator. Only Christianity is true because it is the only faith that proves itself to be true because only Jesus was able to keep the law perfectly and only in Christianity do we have real evidence such as the multiple eyewitness testimony of the Apostles seeing Jesus alive from the dead in various group settings. How to reconcile works verses with faith verses? The Bible always contrasts faith and works. "By grace are ye saved, through faith;...not of works" (Eph. 2.8-9); "But to him that worketh not, but believeth..." (Rom. 4.5). Your misunderstanding is as follows. Abraham offering his son was representative of an offering like Abel not of his own works. Works are good, but they are not for initial salvation or to keep oneself saved. Works naturally follow upon faith. That is the point James is making. This makes Christianity unique. The reason for this is because God is infinitely greater than us, so no amount of work could bridge the gap. Therefore, God enters His creation for us to receive faith in His atoning sacrifice. This takes humility to accept. Works follow upon the new birth unto rewards, but again, never do works get us saved or lose our salvation. Buddhism is the teaching of atheism, which of course, is false because the universe can't start up from nothing nor always have existed. When you say religions are similar to Christianity as we have seen they are worlds apart. Only in Christianity does God enter His creation to pay the ransom. And yes, Christianity goes all the way back not just to creation but the uncreated Creator. People were free to worship false gods and idols before Israel was formed and before people were first called Christians in Antioch. The word of God is 66 books by 40 writers over 1500 years in complete agreement. Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead bodily all that you would expect God to be if He came in the likeness of flesh. He is the 2nd Person of the Trinity. Before the foundations of the world the 3 Persons of the Godhead decided the 2nd Person would be the atonement and the Holy Spirit to indwell believers. There is no such thing as purgatory and nobody is in Hell yet. Nobody goes to Hell who has not reached the age of accountability. So children who die before then are saved and will be resurrected with the rest of the elect. God enjoys an interpersonal relationship. He is not an island unto Himself that He can do this; why would you want a lesser God to meet your selfish needs? Just as He has fellowship in His Godhead of 3 Persons so He has fellowship with us and us with Him. This manifests His glory. When a person is born deformed or is aborted this is due to man's sin not to God's doing. Sin begets sin and carries down to at least the 4th generation in a naturalistic world. Why do you blame these things happening on God when if it is a naturalistic only universe these things happen anyway so aren't you in fact blaming nature itself? Sounds doubleminded. Hitler was a naturalists surviving of the fittest type. He rejected Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was effectively an atheist just like your buddies Stalin and Mao. Hitler got his followers to write, "We're Hitler's children until we die; We follow not Christ but Horst Wessel, Away with incense and holy water vessel! As sons of our forebearers from times gone by. We march as we sing with banners held high. I'm not a Christian, nor a Catholic." I have over 100 quotes from Hitler hating Christ and Christianity. He thought it was the scourge of society. Your revisionist history is psychotic. Stalin was an atheist through and through perhaps the most famous atheist of all. My parents have nothing to do with Christ and the Church. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 33 and by no influence of another Christian, but simply seeing a friend constantly unsatisfied for his search for answers. I realized all things sum in Christ. This is a free choice given to everyone. Why would you accuse Christians of a superior choice? Is it not better to eat healthy than unhealthily or to be kind rather than hurtful? These superior choices are not inferior but superior. Christians are superior to you. We have authority. We were chosen by God before the foundations of the world. Assuming you still never give your life to Christ you are inferior going to Hell and have nobody to blame but yourself. You're a bad guy. Christians don't kill people. All you need to do is ask would Jesus do that? Of course not. But atheists are murdering, raping bastards. We encourage you to give your life to Christ and present the gospel of salvation for you to choose. Nothing is irresistibly imposed. Don' delude yourself that it is. Not everyone is a Christian who says they are a Christian. Christians love our neighbor. We even lose you our enemy because we don't want you to go to Hell. But that is your choice. And that's sad and frankly, pathetic!

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Too much stupid dont know

Too much stupid dont know where to begin so i wont ill leave you to your deluded fantasies.

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Revivin, if hell even exists,

Revivin, if hell even exists, you are going to hell by share probability of not getting the right religion.
Btw by your reasoning, that Christianity is superior because Jesus said;
Love one an other like yourself, or love your enemy.

Did you know that Jesus just copied that from the old testament?
So you should believe in Judaism instead of Christianity, by your reasoning since Jesus is just copying the 'true' god.

If god was loving or just he wouldn't send like 99% of Christians to hell just because he is so stupid as to not giving clear instructions.
Thus making 1000+ different denominations of Christianity.
And please don't even sprout nonsense about a choice.
If god gave us a choice then he would have given us an option. Right now we have to choose from 1000+ different denominations and get it right.
Only an evil being would be so cruel.
That is why the only reasonable explanation is that Christianity is a fraud.
From there go and study its origins and you will come to release what Christianity really is:

A roman cult created to make you hate the Jews(Romans were at war with them) and make you accept that it is a good thing to be their slave. It was a religion for the slaves, peasants and poor illiterate people which were stupid enough that would believe anything even complete nonsense.

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"You're a bad guy." Oh

"You're a bad guy." Oh revivin...you're back on this site under a new name after being banned already.

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I strongly feel they are back

I strongly feel they are back using several new names.

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I'm with you 100% on that, Z.

I'm with you 100% on that, Z.

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There are no denominations in

There are no denominations in the Bible so you agree with the Bible.

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"You're a bad guy." Oh

"You're a bad guy." Oh revivin...you're back on this site under a new name after being banned already"-

CyberLN please provide more info please.

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We had someone on the board 4

We had someone on the board 4 - 5 months ago who used that line all the time and the same 'arguments' this person is using. Too many similarities. The name he was under the last time is jameswatts.

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I remember jameswatts. Noted.

I remember jameswatts. Noted.

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The reason I believe atheists

The reason I believe atheists are going to Hell is based on the evidence that I don't know how to overturn. That which does not exist can't cause anything so the universe can't s tart up from nothing. Nor can it always have existed because you would have happened already having an eternity to do so. Therefore, nature needs a cause outside of itself, outside of time and space, being uncreated by the uncreated Creator God. Then you simply ask where does God reveal Himself? None other than in Christianity because only Jesus is proven to be God because nobody can find a naturalistic explanation to account for the eyewitness testimony of the Apostles in various group settings. This proof is so simple even someone with a very low IQ can understand and accept it to give their lives to Christ. This is something we can all do easily enough. So intelligence is no advantage here. God cares about your conscience and intuition of your spirit more than raw intelligence of your rough soul. The advantage goes to those who are willing to come to the cross as helpless sinners to receive the Lord Jesus as Savior. They are made new creations of God. Atheist remain old creations. Hell would be needed because being made in God's image you can't cease to exist. That's how God made you. It glorifies God more if you can't cease to exist just like God can't cease to exist. But you can't be with God's sons and daughters in the New City and New Earth because there is no sin there. Atheists prefer to be eternally separated from God so that place is called Hell. Quite necessary you can see. We don't know much about it other than what the Bible says, but we can say this: it is the perfectly designed domain that is without God's presence or love and is the perfect abode for an unregenerate just like jail is the perfect place for someone who deserves to be locked up for life. As Pascal's wager says, if Christianity is false and you believe it anyway, there is no great loss because you will just cease to exist anyhow like the kindest most sweetest loving person and the most horrific individual that ever lived. It doesn't really matter what you do so you might as well believe in Christ and grow in Him, because on the probability you are wrong and Christianity is true, you will be in good standing in eternity future and all that entails because you will be born-again. God says nobody knows all the wonderful things He has planned for those that love Him. He returns not for the sake of the worldly but the sake of the elect. So we know, therefore, Jesus is God, a liar, or a lunatic. Since He did not lie and was the most sane person who ever lived, we know He must be God. God wants you to redeem you but He won't force His love on you. You must come to Him and accept His only begotten Son for the forgiveness of sins and power over sin when He brings you to the cross to die to your old man in co-death Jesus. Praise the Lord!

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Not much activity here. Slow

Not much activity here. Slow to get responses.

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Maybe you're just boring us

Maybe you're just boring us now.

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I'm surprised they answer you

I'm surprised they answer you at all revivin. You've insulted them on every level you could think of, on their own website. I'm more impressed with the atheists in this discussion than with you. And I'm a Christian. You said "love your neighbour" but I don't think you're doing it very well.

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Spiritual life can be

Spiritual life can be protracted boring but all so rewarding for the truly consecrated in Christ.

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Revivin I believe like you

Revivin I believe like you that god brought the universe into existence, but this argument doesn't prove that god exists like you think it does. There could have been an infinite string of universes, expanding and contracting, for example.

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Right i sincerely believe

Right i sincerely believe teaching children a religion before the age of 12-15 is wrong they cant comprehend parents can be wrong and ive seen a study children of religious parents have difficulty telling fact from fantasy.
That being said if christianity actually followed its ten commandments and the love thy neighbour and dont forget judge not lest you be judged and left everyone else alone ie science gays sluts atheists other religions etc then id leave them alone.

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Fair point. This is actually

Fair point. This is actually what Jesus was trying to do too - call the Jews to actually live what they believed. Stop treating the poor with disdain, stop trying to start violent revolutions against the Romans, stop being so selfish with your money, stop judging people and start loving God by loving people. If more people today actually lived like he said we'd be doing ok.

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Whether there is just this

Whether there is just this one universe or a string of universes, they could not have always existed in an infinite regress of cause and effects, because you would have happened already, having had an eternity to do so.

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How do you know that?

How do you know that?

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How do you know for sure we

How do you know for sure we haven't happened already?

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I wondered that myself. Its

I wondered that myself. Its pretty obvious in a cyclic universe even if it was identical to the previous cycle (which is damn unlikely) we would be new people thus have no memory of the previous cycle.

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I have long thought that

I have long thought that every thing could just be played out at infinitude until all possibilities have been played out and then again and again at infinitude with energy just being recycled over and over again. And your right we would as individuals have no memory of the previous cycle.

I don't challenge all theist to prove otherwise but I also don't claim it to be be so only suspect it may be so as its just a theory . However, I do challenge those theist who come on here saying to prove their god does not exist to prove this doesn't happen just so they can get the point. We can't prove this happens just as they can't prove it doesn't, just like we can't prove God does not exist just like they can't prove he does. The infinite recycling of energy playing out all universal probabilities at infinitude theory just like their God theory cant be yet proven or unproven.

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Yup and its not a theory its

Yup and its not a theory its a hypothesis but its a fairly common one.
But most cosmologists dont tend to consider that a workable hypothesis because its unprovable. Science likes testable data hypothesis theories.
The reason the big bang is a theory is we have evidence.
Dont you find it annoying when theists claim you cant get something from nothing or post 0+0=1?
The reasons i hate that are:
1 their claimed god came from nothing.
2 quantum theory clearly proved something can cone from nothing and the big bang theory states the universe began as a quantum singularity.

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Good point, I have to be more

Good point, I have to be more careful of my usage of the word theory I should call it a hypothesis. I do use it too interchangeably with hypothesis.

We still lack evidence of the Big Bang all we have is supporting evidence and there is a difference

Yes, I do find it annoying when theist hold the Kalām cosmological argument stance.

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Does not science claim cosmic

Does not science claim cosmic background radiation is evidence of the big bang.
Not to mention the energy in the vacuum of space which more and more scientists are agreeing it is negative energy created in the big bang. Cant remember the documentary or the entire reasoning but its to do with balance and the everything has an equal and opposite.
Personally i believe this negative energy is the dark energy that everyones trying to find.

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Science makes no claims. Some

Science makes no claims. Some scientist doand yes they claim as you say that background radiation lends support to teh theory of the big bang, some even assert it is flat out evidence of it. but all we really have is just supporting evidence, so it just supports rather than proves the big bang happened though if it did prove it it would not longer be a theory. There is no point theorizing on something we know. It is commonly believed by many people and scientist to be a given and accepted as fact, unproven as it may be, that the Big Bang occurred because of the sheer amount of supporting evidence we have and nothing to support otherwise.

Often because it is considered a given people talk about it like it has been proven already or try to make cases that we know it happened because ect. ect. ect. when still we have yet to prove it and find solid evidence that it did in fact happen as it is believed to have. We may have to come to terms one day that solid evidence will never exist and it may be doomed to remain a theory forever. Even though chances are extremely high when it come to likelihood that the big bang did in fact occur.


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