Why Do Atheists Lack Belief in God? When There is Evidence for God

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How does he know that his god

How does he know that his god is the right one?
If your god really cares for you like a decent father would, not like the asshole he is(if he exists), he would at least show himself to you and not humiliate you like this.
He would appear to us and show US that you are right in your beliefs.

"Atheists prefer to be eternally separated from God so that place is called Hell."

We don't have a choice, we just are smart enough to recognize that your god is in your head alone.
Your argument fails on every level at showing that your god exists.

So if he really does exist it is your fault for presenting him to us in such a bad way.

So you are the one who will go to hell for hindering the plan of god with your bad arguments. :)

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Remember people like you

Remember people like you killed Jesus so Jesus is going to let mankind do it on their own for awhile to show they need Him.

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WTF? Do what on their own?

WTF? Do what on their own?

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Erm i read the bible and i

Erm i read the bible and i dont remember atheists killing the fictional character known as jeasus.

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According to your book, JESUS

According to your book, JESUS was god, so killing him wasn't a big deal, he infect revived after 3 days.
Although one might think, what the hell was he doing for 3 whole days.
If I was god it would only take me 3 seconds to revive my human body.

Your idea of Jesus sickens me.
Just because some people killed god's human body because he wanted them to do so, then everybody else not involved must suffer.

You are such an evil creature to think something like that is morally correct.
You and your ideology are so disgusting that it sickens me.

Your god is the most evil being that one could possibly imagine and the funny part is that you think he is the good guy in this horrible story.
If your god exists, it would be a nightmare coming true, not the opposite.
A bully tyrant god that created death itself so that we don't have a choice to live but are forced to choose between 2 options an eternal torture he himself created for who disagrees with him, or you agree with him and must worship him for eternity.
Don't know which one is the worst torture to be honest.

He is not only this evil but he is even worse;
Even in out short life time he keeps tormenting us and demands that we worship him too, so he threaten us with eternal torture if we don't comply.

Can you even imagine someone more evil that that?
I cannot.

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"Remember people like you

"Remember people like you killed Jesus so Jesus is going to let mankind do it on their own for awhile to show they need Him."

Trolling now? Okay then.

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Killing Jesus was very

Killing Jesus was very significant because Jesus was fully man, thus feeling the effects of that pain on the cross not just in his body, but his soul and spirit also. This is how He can be a perfect sacrifice to atone for since once and for all, for He is also fully God. He is the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

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I'll pull an old one out here

I'll pull an old one out here and dust it off...

god killed himself to save us from himself?

If god didn't kill himself, and humans did, but knew that would happen, isn't that suicide?

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O.O i never considered that

O.O i never considered that angle but you are right. God is supposedly omniscient so he knew exactly how it would play out.
I supposed the problem is was jeasus ment to be omniscient thats something the jeasus myth never made clear. Im thinking not as the human brain couldnt take that amount of information and he was supposed to be human. The bible talks about his miracles but be honest there pretty easy to fake except for the fish and bread one but maybe his cooking was simply so bad no one wanted to eat it lol.
Walking on water stepping stones just below the water looks like your walking on it. Water into wine weve all seen magic acts that do that. Healing we have faith healers today that fake healing we know its fake because the faith healers have HEALTH INSURANCE lol
Coming back from the dead ppl claimed to see him and his body was gone. How many people have claimed to see elvis.

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I find it totally confounding

I find it totally confounding that christians could read the bible and say god is love. I just dont get it. Yes i know they were brainwashed by their parents but still its pretty god damn obvious that hes evil.

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revivin has been removed for

revivin has been removed for trolling. This debate can go on now for anyone that wants to weigh in on this debate.

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Good move Ellie. He was

Good move Ellie. He was frustrating the hell out of me.

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Well, maybe that's a good

Well, maybe that's a good thing. We should let him/her go around frustrating the Hell out of everyone so that they will all go to Heaven.


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