Why do you need a god anyway?

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Why do you need a god anyway?

I have seen posts by christian professing their god, attributing all sorts of things to their god, without a single shred of evidence. I have seen supposed atheists post theories that may not be christian but they may as well be because they just substitute their new made up god for the christian god, again with no shred of evidence.
So why the fuck do these people need a god anyway?
Are they so afraid of the unknown that they have to have a mythical creature in control before they feel safe? Have they gotten anything tangible from their god?
They never give anything tangible or real when they say that they have received anything from their god. Oh, they might say that god cured them of some disease ignoring the fact that the human immune system and the medical attention did the trick. They might even say that they will live forever, but they sure don't know that for a fact. So the only thing that they get from their god is pure speculation and conjecture.
I dare ANY believer to prove that they have received ANY FUCKING THING from their god.

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I had acne as a teenager. But

I had acne as a teenager. I prayed to the winged god Mothra to cure me. Sure enough, the older I got, the more it cleared up. By the time I was an adult, it had gone away completely. It was a MIRACLE!

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I was a freshman in college.

I was a freshman in college. I had an appendix attack that led to emergency surgery. When I awoke in my hospital room, several classmates were praying. I asked, "What the hell are you doing?" A young girl said, "we are praying for you."
Now, this particular group was unknown to me even though they went to my school. Apparently, the information had got out that I had been rushed to the hospital. A group of campus religious nuts decided to have a prayer vigil in the hospital for me. I have no idea why the hospital allowed that. How they let them in my room was a mystery as well. I immediately screamed for them to leave. One shocked guy looked up and said, "Don't you know that christ heard our prayers and spared your life?" I said, "hey goofball, I don't know who the fuck you are, and I didn't in any circumstances ask or want you to be here, and I damn sure don't want your fucking prayers. Now get the fuck out of here!" They left.
When I got back to school my "christian baseball coach" told me he sent them over from the christian house. I told him I quit right on the spot.
The doctors and nurses that were scientifically trained healed me not some fucking god. Before modern medicine, 100% of all appendix ruptures resulted in death. That is with 100s of years of prayers. 100 %!
Don't tell me those prayers did a damn thing for me or anyone else.
That little episode really pissed me off. A group of condescending assholes takes it upon themselves to do what they think is righteous without any consideration of the people involved. I was doubly mad at the hospital to assume that I wanted a prayer vigil in recovery. I should have sued the shit out of them. Christians are fucking assholes that NEVER consider that people just don't want and certainly don't need their mythological bullshit. They may as well of sent a witch doctor to spew chicken blood strew dust shake rattles and jump around. It amounts to the same damn thing. If my baseball coach had authority at the time and denied surgery and had prayer vigils instead, I would be dead. Negligent homicide!
It makes me sick all this ritualized horseshit! It's nonsense, nonsense I tell you.
When a christian goes to the hospital, I don't but in and say, no they can't have a prayer vigil. Why the fuck do christians think that they have the right to but in without permission?
Oh, some christian will say, "it didn't do any harm...blah blah blah!" That isn't the point at all. It is the fact that christians think that their belief gives them authority over everyone else no matter their wishes. That is the fucking point.
But back to the point of the thread. No god anywhere at any time has given anything to anyone...EVER! And NO ONE can PROVE any different! I defy anyone to do so!

You know the old adage? A man prays for relief from his wretched life. he asks to make a little money so he won't starve. When nothing happens he tells his pastor that his prayers did not work. And the pastor recites scripter and says "god helps those that help themselves"! What a fucking cop-out!
Or when a baby dies even though hundreds of people "prayed" for that baby. A preacher will always say "god works in mysterious ways" or "it isn't our place to question god" or "god has a plan"! All pure fucking crap.
Prayer, miracles, scripture, rituals, ALL fucking bullshit! That is a fact proven for more than 2 centuries now. What comes around doesn't go around. Everything doesn't even out in the end. Assholes don't get "theirs" in the end.
The only thing that is true is the world isn't fair. You have to fight to get what you want and what you need. And you have to fight for those who can't fight for themselves. And more often than not you have to fight fucking religious people because they are all fucking hypocrites, every last one of them. Religions have never honestly cared about the poor or weak. why would they? there is no profit in it. Oh, they go on missions give out food but those people pay a price for that supposed generosity!

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I can prove that people have

I can prove that people have gotten things from God. They've gotten killed. Oh, wait no... They got that from his fan club

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Ya know, there were so many

Ya know, there were so many moments over the years that I would somehow survive various situations and then look up at the sky and say a silent "Thank you" to the Man Upstairs. Despite my doubts during those days, it seemed like such a comfort to me in some small way to believe there was "someone" watching over me and keeping me safe. Nowadays I look back and think to myself, "Damn! I was one lucky son of a bitch!" lol

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