Why doesn't you believe in God? Give me good reasons

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Why doesn't you believe in God? Give me good reasons

Hello there! I would like to know why you atheist don't belive in God? I need one or many really good reasons. How do you think it works in the world and why do you think so? What makes you think that there is no God? Is there any hope that you could believe?

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To answer your questions:

To answer your questions: http://www.atheistrepublic.com/forums/debate-room/why-christian-god-impo...

I'm very open minded. If solid evidence for the existence of a god (not a dingy book) is offered to me, I will gladly change my view.

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ok...you may not believe in

ok...you may not believe in the christian God but what about the islamic God - Allah?

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Contrary to popular belief,

Contrary to popular belief, "Allah" isn't actually the same diety as the Christian one, despite Muslims insisting that it is. Allah was the name of a Pakistani (present day. It wasn't even a country back then) tribal god. They attributed stuff to it in hopes of making it seem powerful. "Allah saved the jewish swine from Egypt, not their god." "Abraham really followed allah, not the jewish god". Stuff like that. When Muhammad came to power, he glossed over the part that allah was actually the name of a wooden shrine and told people that it was the more mainstream jewish god. Later on, he also told people to pay tribute to Ashura, a cannanite idol as part of a peace agreement. There's some really freaky shit in the Q'uran because of that. It's parts of the lore around Allah and Ashura's original storylines.

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Well... I believe in Allah

Well... I believe in Allah because islam is a unchanged religion. Allah has sent us prophets and quran which nobody has changed. Let me give you an example of how people think. You know that animals can't think like us right? We are much smarter than animals infact animals doesn't know anything. Now you look at the weather news and they're saying that it's gonna rain. You believe that right? An animal wouldn't know right? You believe that it's gonna rain. You don't say "Give me a proof that it will rain". I know people asking, "Give me a proof that Allah exist". Well my answer is "How can I give you proof? Isn't the quraan proof enaugh? Isn't the messenger of Allah proof enough?" If you don't believe that you're acting like a dump lamb or a dumb cow who doesn't know anything even if the truth is infront of their eyes. If you believe in people saying, it's gonna rain, why don't you believe in the quraan and the messenger that came to guide you, really for me you are acting like an animal.

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We believe that it's going to

We believe that it's going to rain because we have dopplar radar saying that it's probably going to rain. We don't believe on faith or because a book written by monkeys told us to. We believe it because it's been proven to be the most accurate way of predicting the weather.

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Firstly, quran isn't written

Firstly, quran isn't written by monkeys. It's words of Allah and that's why nobody has changed it because it wouldn't be words of Allah anymore.
Secondly: How come all this technology has developed? because we did it right? well how come we are so smart? because of our brain right? who created us? our mother right? and our mother was created by her mother n it keeps going like that but where does it stop? It must be an end somewhere shouldn't it be? otherwise it will keep going and never stop it must have an end, it must be somewhere that it all started, something which started big bang. Before big bang what happend? It's all written in the quran.

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So basically your argument is

So basically your argument is "I don't understand science so I'm going to hide behind my monkeybook!"

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Did you even read my comment

Did you even read my comment about How Muhhamed changed the story of Allah to make it seem like it was the Jewish god? That's not the unchanged word of god. It's just a political tool.

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I do believe in science but I

I do believe in science but I also believe that Allah created science... I was so confused ab8 this before, I also believed in science more than Allah but not after seeing the signs of Allah I really believe, nothing changed me but islam. Watch this, is this proof enough for you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muq1BiqSMHc

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"How do you think it works in

"How do you think it works in the world and why do you think so?"

This is what the scientific endeavour is currently attempting to answer. The fact that we don't have all the answers, as yet - and may never have all the answers - is no excuse to fill the gaps in our knowledge with a mythical being, whose posited existence doesn't actually answer any of the questions it's purported to answer.

"What makes you think that there is no God?"

I think there is no god for the same reason I think there are no faeries at the bottom of my garden. These mythical creations are born out of a time of supreme ignorance in the history of human understanding. God is a non-answer to all the questions our species had concerning a world about which they knew nothing.

"Is there any hope that you could believe?"

For me, no. The whole idea is just silliness.

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Ok :) But how do you think

Ok :) But how do you think the science is created?

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Humans created science. It is

Humans created science. It is a philosophical tool we use to better understand the world around us, through observation, hypothesis building, experimentation, etc. The scientific method didn't just 'poof' into existence; there is a long history delineating its development over thousands of years. And, particularly, the science we've been using to discover and invent much of the modern world, is only about 400 years old - the principle of falsification is less than a hundred years old. If you are claiming that your god created science, then it did a poor job of it, and humans have improved it immeasurably.

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I mean, there must be a

I mean, there must be a beginning, A beginning that nobody has created. You get my point?

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Why couldn't that beginning

Why couldn't that beginning that nobody created be the Big Bang. Why would it be God?

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I've seen far too many

I've seen far too many debates, witnessed too much ignorance, and uncovered lies beyond reason. I've been on both sides, I know how it works and I see through religion. So, to answer your question, there is no way I would ever go back to Christianity.
I have a simplistic way of thought. I believe it is in our nature to question everything, to have doubts. Really, I think we should be above this. For intelligent creatures, humans really are quite dumb.

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First of all, we are still

First of all, we are still debating if there ever was a beginning in the first place, the universe might be infinite and might have always existed.
Second of all, even if we don't know how the universe got created(if it did), it doesn't mean that if some monkey 2000 years ago writes something on a book then we must accept it, that it came from a being invented in that book itself.
See how incredibly stupid the people were at that time?
That is why some of us call them monkeys.
They believed that if one makes miracles then he is god or god had something to do with it. It proves jack shit if you can bring the dead back to life, it doesn't mean that everything you say is the truth.
This is obvious for mature people today but it wasn't for those monkeys.

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So people today and people

So people today and people for 2000 years ago aren't the same? Except the intelligence? Humans don't know how the universe was created then who else know? Humans are the smartest arent they? Isn't this any proof of Gods existance?

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No people today know how to

No people today know how to do shit, 2000 years ago GOD(in the bible had to teach them how and where to do it)(Deu 23:13)
check the old testament, shamefully god had to explain to the jews how to do toilet because they were shitting everywhere and he din't want to step on one of their excrement.
It is funny and you may not believe it but it is the truth. It is written in your sacred book.
BTW what makes you think that humans are the smartest?
In the vastness of the universe, claiming we are the smartest species is a pure display of ignorance in not knowing how small and tiny we are. We might be the smartest species we know of,in our environment, though if we go in some predator's environment we might not be.
What is your definition of proof? because you clearly have a different definition then mine.

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I belive in God (Allah) and

I belive in God (Allah) and quran (not bible). Bible is written by humans and a religion created by humans isn't true. The first religion in this world is created by humans for 1500 years ago and after studying that religion i understand how dumb people were. Yes im talking about the hindus. They can say God to anything even stones. People are like if they see any miracle of a human they say its God like Jesus. Christians said he is God because he did miracles and born from a virgin. Well thats exactly what people would think 1000 years ago because they were dumb. If we send back a magician from 2014 to 0014, the people would think he is a God. I believe there is only one almighty God Allah and nobody else can be God. Quran is words by God.Why would the almighty send a book and a messenger? Well if we read in books about science and read in books and understand it all and also listen to scientist then why not just read the quran and believe in that and listen to the messenger Muhammed (peace be upon him). We can read books of science and listen to scientist but not read the book of Allah and listen to His messenger. People were dumb 1400 years ago but God wasn't when He sent us only a book to read. I've read the book many times and found thinks that people didn't know 1400 years ago. Quran is written in arabic and is unchanged. How is it unchanged? The arabic for 1400 years ago isn't the same arabic as today. God sent us that book so people for 1400 ago could understand and God new that we will be smarter and everything will develop and we could translate it. Thats right, isn't it? We can translate and understand the quran now so why don't we believe? Before i wasn't a good believer, i was unsure. I thought other things were more intressting than God. But then I went through a really hard time. Everybody does. Why is Allah giving us hard times? Because he tests us. This life is a test and this life isn't the real life. We are promised a paradise. What is over the universe? The first heaven. No scientist can prove that. Only Allah knows and He has told us that over the universe is the first heaven and there is seven heavens. Earth is the lowest place, you can never be happy, there is only up from here. So when i went through a hard time i only saw one way and that was to turn to my lord and ask for help. I wasn't intressed but it was so hard for me that i called out loudly that "if you really exist then help me" it didn't work. It didn't and i felt like my soul had leaved me. But one day came when i truly from the bottom of my heart asked for help and that day, the day i asked for help, the day i started to pray, from that day i felt like all my problems was solved and i felt alive. I read quran and understood it all. I read the truth. I got all the proofs. I find happiness by being with Allah. People run after happiness in this world but there is no happiness here. All i want now is to quickly final my exam (life) and go to a place full of happiness where is no cancer, no bad people, only happiness and more than happiness. People wont understand until they read quran.

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Mr. Speaker,

Mr. Speaker,
I will not mock you, I can see your sincerity, and you have been gracious in your replies, but your last post completely explains what is wrong with the belief in any life beyond or higher power you think we must follow. This life is hard, full of trials and tests, yes? Surely we deserve better than that, right? So - be a good believer and you will be rewarded after you die? WHAT a DEAL! Just don't screw up, 'cause then you'll get punished, got it?
When you die, sir, you cease to be. Period. You only get one life, and this is it. You aren't going to be reunited with your great-great gandparents or the child that got killed by a drunk driver or your wife that died of cancer... nope. They have ceased to be as well.
IF ALL OF YOU REALIZED THIS, then there'd be a chance we could make THIS LIFE more wonderful, but we can't as long as THIS LIFE is secondary to the imagined one to come later. THAT'S what makes me try to change your view.

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Yes you are right mr Will.

Yes you are right mr Will. But you will not just get rewarded after you die, your life will also get better, like mine did. I ask one think from God and He gives me and thats why im happy, im getting everything i want and im bein happy for this little so think how it's gonna be when your body dies but soul is alive. Angels will come to you. Imagine life is an exam. You don't get rewarded in your exam, while doing it, you get the real award after the exam but if you need help in the exam, surely you will get help but nobody can tell you the answers in the exam. You are writing in your book now. Every single move you make, every single thing you do, when and why and how is being writed on your shoulders by two angels. There is one book on your right shoulder, there the angel is writing your good deeds and on you left shoulder is the angel writing your bad deeds. So you will get your results after the exam.

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Do you agree with the

Do you agree with the teaching that males (particularly martyrs) will be given a number (often described as 72) of houri by your god when going to your heaven? Do you agree that the often taught attributes of these houri include virginity? Or that males in your heaven will be able to have sexual intercourse on demand?

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I have always been an atheist

I have always been an atheist. Even as a very very young child. I was raised in the church, I taught Sunday school, I attended even as an adult. I never believed but that is what those around me did and in order to "survive" I thought I had to conform.
Then as I neared my 40's, I realized I had to be honest, I had to be me and I had to be open. That's what I did and here we are.
I always wonder why people who believe push so hard to make others who don't believe. I LOVE coffee but not once have I ever made a non coffee drinker try to drink a cup of coffee.

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I don't believe anything in

I don't believe anything in christianity but I do believe everything in islam. No matter how strange something sounds for you but for me its the purpose of life... You dont believe that what i believe nor will i believe that what you believe and i shall not believe in that what you believe nor will you believe that what i believe so to you be your religion and to me be mine... Well i told you what i believe is going to happen after my death, now you tell me what happens to the soul?

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1. If you will never believe

1. If you will never believe anything other than what you do, and think an atheist will never believe islam, then what the hell are you doing in this debate forum?

2. What happens to the soul, you ask? It doesn't exist.

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Your claim that the first

Your claim that the first religion was 1500 years ago could not be more incredibly totally and utterly wrong in fact its so wrong its retarded.

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"now you tell me what happens

"now you tell me what happens to the soul?"

Well the guy who bought mine assured me he has big plans for it.

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There was religions before,

There was religions before, people adored the sun or a river or a stone or whatever but im talking about the hinduism

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Sorry i didn't get it spewer

Sorry i didn't get it spewer?

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Dude christianity is 2000

Dude christianity is 2000 years old before that it was judaism before that hinduism before that greek gods before that tribal gods.
So do you realise how wrong you were.


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