Why doesn't you believe in God? Give me good reasons

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I read it on internet...but

I read it on internet...but who cares about the years im talking about the religion

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"Sorry i didn't get it spewer

"Sorry i didn't get it spewer?"

Don't worry about it - just my lame attempt at humor. I see the soul as a metaphor for how your personality is interpreted by others - somewhat like a photograph. It's not you, but it evokes others' memories and thoughts of you. As such, it's really part of them, not part of you. Think of it as a little idol of you they created.

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For the same reason that I no

For the same reason that I no longer believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny! I grew up and gave up childish things for which there is absolutely no empirical evidence.

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Ok spewer. What im dling here

Ok spewer. What im dling here. I tried to make you believe but i know there is no hope for me now. Well ive got to learn much about this.

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If our soul is gonna

If our soul is gonna disappear. Then why do we have it? We can work, our body can work and our heart can beat without a soul, isn't it? Why do we have it if its gonna disappear?

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I do not think anyone has a

I do not think anyone has a soul. Something that does not exist cannot disappear.

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"I tried to make you believe

"I tried to make you believe but i know there is no hope for me now."

You stated that the Qur'an and your god clearly said this was impossible. The fact that you tried anyway indicates you did not believe what your god and what your holy book said.

Would this not make you a disbeliever?

Earlier in this very thread, you said, "I do believe everything in islam." However, your efforts here indicate that this was a lie, because you did not believe we could not be convinced.

What do you think Allah should do to you for disbelieving and lying?

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To give the information about

To give the information about islam doesn't make anybody a disbeliever. A disbeliever is someone who doesn't belive that there is one God and Muhammed is the prophet. I believe that. It's not impossible, it's just difficult. But now i wanna tell this to those people who would like to know about islam. Even if i made any crime, Allah would forgive me because he loves us. I just need to say once "forgive me " from the bottom of my heart. And the biggest crime will be forgiven like ice melt in the sun. That much does Allah love us.

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And quran says, live like

And quran says, live like Muhammed, do things he did and Muhammed warned everyone so im warning you. It doesn't make me a disbeliever

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Lol mohammad was mass

Lol mohammad was mass murderer you should read some unbiased history.
Ask gregpek she can fill you in she knows more than me.

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You can tell me how much

You can tell me how much history you want and i wont believe in books written by humans. I only believe in the book written by Allah. So you can read normal books and believe in all that stuff but you can't read a real book from Allah and accept it...well I warned you... I'm not gonna do that again.... you will get your punishment in your grave... I don't care how stupid that sounds but the truth is that there is a life after your death and then you will know...don't blame anybody then cuz this is your fault...don't start giving me any historiy lecture or start talking shit cuz the truth will not change

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If you want to believe in an

If you want to believe in an edited unproven book thats full of lies and mistake go ahead just stop trying to force your bullshit of sane people.

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firstly, that book isn't

firstly, that book isn't unchanged but the others are cuz those are written by humans and quran is not written by humans. U are following the damn history that's written by humans, quran is not written by humans. Our prophets words reached us and exactly those words are written in the quran. Quran and our prophet says the same things and what is wrong with it? is it wrong that it says, believe in Allah and be a kind person? is that wrong? it says feed the needy! is that wrong? it says help other no matter what religion, what colour, what culture, what size, just help those who need help, who is in trouble! its that wrong? or is Muhammed PBUH a criminal just because he said all those things? No! Finally, im not forcing any of you...im just telling you cuz i want you to know...

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Richard Dawkins. Deal with it

Richard Dawkins. Deal with it.

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Here are some reasons: take

Here are some reasons: take the age of the earth, which is four point five billion years old, and subtract six to ten thousand years from it there is a huge difference. A difference that can be measured and verified; there is nothing in the bible about prehistoric life millions of years before the bible was written because the authors had no idea the earth was that old. In other words, they couldn’t lie about what they had no knowledge of.

That being said, this particular god you think exists is just another imaginary deity among untold numbers of deities men have invented through time. You have not proved he exists. If you had been born in ancient Rome and were brought up believing Zeus was god and citizens you interacted with also believed that to be true, that’s what you would believe. Not because of truth, but from indoctrination and peer pressure.

Deity existence aside, the teachings promoted in the Judea/Christian bible are immoral in both the old and new testaments. Most Christians claim the bible is infallible and conveniently ignore the unpleasant immoralities such as: slavery (new and old testament), rape and genocide to name a few. These immoralities are inconvient truths that Christians avoid discussing like a plague. Wonder why that is?

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it is completely illogical.

it is completely illogical.

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I've always been intrigued by

I've always been intrigued by the "72 virgins" for each man in Paradise. Assuming you are to deflower those maidens and are able to survive in your new state, that means there must be 72 fresh virgins for the next arrival, and the next, and the next. The number of necessary virgins increases exponentially, yet on Earth there is just a 1:1 correlation of men to women. So where is this abundance of virgins coming from? Is Muhammed cloning virgins?

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What they dont seem to

What they dont seem to consider is there are 60 year old virgin women and 16 year old virgin male nerds.
Also why virgin id settle for a few sluts.

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"Hello there!"

Er, hi?

"I would like to know why you atheist don't belive in God?"

Because I am not convinced that god exists.

"I need one or many really good reasons."

Is not being convinced of something an adequate reason not to believe in it?

"How do you think it works in the world and why do you think so?"

I don't think god works in the world, that is part of the reason I am an atheist...

"What makes you think that there is no God?"

The simple fact that I have no good reason to think that there is a god.

"Is there any hope that you could believe?"

Possibly, but considering the level of evidence required to prove a god, it seems unlikely.


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