Why the Easter holidays?

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@Pope Re: "What would you

@Pope Re: "What would you say if the muslims decided that Ramadan should be similarly observed with public holidays?"

Well, I've been retired for awhile. However, if I were still working and my place of employment closed for a week while giving me holiday pay, then I'd be like, "Hell yeah! Thank you very much, boss!"... Wait... Was that a trick question?... *suspicious look*...

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Ya know what else I like

Ya know what else I like about Easter?

It's being rather a self righteous dick to people I'm not fond of.

"Do you know what the word Easter means? Or where all the traditional rabbits and eggs came from?

You won't find any of that in the Bible. I know. Because I've read the Bible."

Look over the top of your glasses at some Dunning-Kruger Christian, and start explaining that the Apostles forgot when The Resurrection happened. So, a few centuries later Christians made up something. And to give their manufactured Holy Day some cred, they attached it to a pagan spring holiday named after a Goddess. Oestre, Estra, the name doesn't really translate into English... And the Christians pegged it to the Jewish Holy Day, Passover.
So, that's why(even though everyone forgot what year Jesus was crucified) Easter is based on Jewish and Pagan traditions. Because Jesus wasn't important enough to The Early Christians to remember any of this stuff.

Then say "I'll have some more of that ham! Jesus always ate pork on Easter Sunday!"


I'm kinda a dick.

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@Columbus Re: "I'm kinda a

@Columbus Re: "I'm kinda a dick.

Whoa-whoa-whoa! Hey, hold yer horses thare, pahd-neh... The job of being a dick around here belongs to me and Cog at the moment. Sure, there is a slot or two open, but have you submitted the proper application through Old Man yet? We can't have just any ol' Tom, Dick, and Hairy rollin' up in here to fill a dick slot. We have standards. Plus, there's all the initiation hazing, and blindfolded ceremonies, and skill assessment training you must complete.... *pointing*.... Down the hallway. Third door on the left. Knock three and a half times with your forehead. When told to enter, go in backwards while hopping on one leg. (Your preference, but you WILL be judged by your choice.) After that, just follow Old Man's instructions. Just one tiny little piece of advice, though.... *looking around to make sure coast is clear*.... *whispering*... keep your mouth closed during the blackout warm shower portion of the interview...

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Having read the necessary

Having read the necessary requirements for admission to this dubious position, its just as I always suspected...I just don't have what it takes to be a real AR dick. *sigh , ruffles feathers, stands tall* Its a good thing I still have the dignity to carry on being a freelance arsehole instead. (flaps off to look for someone to spot).

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@Grinseed: BUT!!! I would

@Grinseed: BUT!!! I would be happy to recommend you as an intern for a banana and a couple of coconuts, then if you can get Tin to sign you up as well, we can probably get you through the door. You will, of course be tested, and you will have to learn the secret handshake. Oh yea, one more thing, you get to host the next Eggnog party with roasted cockatoo in banana sauce and a couple of cans of DW40 for Tin.

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Hmmm tempting offer Cog, but

Hmmm tempting offer Cog, but I don't know...there's a certain romance about being a rogue arsehole that appeals to these rebel wings...I'm not good with tests without cheat sheets...secret handshakes tend to crumple my fine cruising feather tips...ooo..but being an official Eggnog party host has always been a secret desire of mine...but the fact is I am such an arsehole I no longer have any cockatoo friends because Lord knows I have roasted nearly all of them...I know a few drongos but they don't taste anywhere as good.
No, ta anyway Cog, it has to be the unfettered skies of arseholery for this little white rebel parrot. What I really need is a fresh tattoo.

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Tim - I like dicks and

Tim - I like dicks and assholes :)

Poop Davey ... I was thinking...I learnt the whole “when two vowels go a’walk-in’ the first one does the talkin’... after this “Christian” thingy and the time thingy (my sore spot) we can tackle “English” use rules!

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Did you mean English usage

Did you mean English usage rules?

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@Hey Pope Dave l: If you

@Hey Pope Dave l: If you became the Pope, you c o u l d........... o' never mind.

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"*looking around to make sure coast is clear*.... *whispering*... keep your mouth closed during the blackout warm shower portion of the interview..."

How well do you think you know me?

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@Columbus Re: "How well do

@Columbus Re: "How well do you think you know me?"

...*deer in headlights look*... Ummm.... *looking for escape route*.... Errrr.... Uh... You promise not to press charges if I tell you?.... *cold sweat breaking out on forehead*...

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Why any religious holiday?

Why any religious holiday? Really...celebrating the birth of a fictitious son of gawd that never existed...that's just fucken retarded. That's like acknowledging the first appearance of Godzilla in Tokyo.

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@doG: the first appearance of

@doG: the first appearance of Godzilla in Tokyo

November 3, 1954. Today November 3 is a public holiday in Japan, but it's called "Culture Day".

Godzilla grew out of Japanese fears of radiation after the crew of a fishing boat was exposed to fallout from a test at Bikini Atoll in March 1954. One the film's subtitle's was "Godzilla the Bastard Child of the Atom".

Actually the Godzilla story appears to have more elements of truth than the Jesus story. Radiation from nukes was a real and present danger in the 50s and 60s. While there were no humungous lizards, we lived in constant fear of nuclear incineration.

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Easter moves around because

Easter moves around because it's linked to the phases of the moon. Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon, which is the first full moon on or after 21 March. How idiotic is that coming from the outfit that terrorized one great astronomer and burned another?

I don't really care if virtue signalling cretins want to mess around with ashes, lug crosses around, or have themselves nailed up. I love pantomime. The problem is that Easter has legal status in many countries. So schools and businesses are forced to close. It's doubly bad for business because the date moves around so much.


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