Why God and not us?

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Why God and not us?

When lost in thought of the magnificence of the universe, I do often contemplate how it all began, if at all. I reject the idea of a creator because of the simple question; if a god created the universe, what created the god? Though that is not the point of this thread.

.. It's very difficult for the human mind to comprehend infinity, yet when you ask a theist that question, a common response is "nothing created god, god simply IS. God is infinite. No creation, no end.. This puts me on a curious train of thought; Why is it possible for you comprehend a god, or the realm or dimension (or whatever you want to call it) that a god exists in as infinite, yet not our own?
.. If you believe we will cross over to another plane and either go to heaven or hell FOREVER, why can you not comprehend that maybe THIS universe in fact was not created and just IS?

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Perhaps it has something to

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that for all incomprehensible things that exist theist tend to say well "God made it !" that leads a theist to thinking this god of theirs must be infinite, a yet hard thing for some people to comprehend.

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That certainly is a bold

That certainly is a bold question.

When I think of theists and their claim that this world is finite, yet their god is not, I imagine ancient times full of ignorant people who stared out across the sea and were sure, since it stretched as far their eye could see, that is indeed stretched on forever. Of course, that's since been found to be absolutely ludicrous.

I have no doubt that when we figure out how we really got here, that the idea of an infinite creator will seem just as ludicrous as well.

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Ludicrous to more, but

Ludicrous to more, but probably not all. Many will simply change the 'rules' so they can continue their belief addiction.

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Yea it's a weird one Sammy

Yea it's a weird one Sammy aay. It seems the majority of people will believe whatever seems the most appropriate thing to believe at the time. Religion has well past its day of been appropriate to believe, we know too much now. Yet, religion still lingers. I honestly put that down to the fear, fear of the heinous threats all religions make. And hope, hope that all the ludicrous promises religion makes are true.
.. Yea the idea of an infinite creator does seem ludicrous. But I would make peace with the fact that we may never find out how we got here. We don't even know if our little monkey brains would even capable of understanding something so complex. There's great peace to be found in the magic words.. I don't know :)

N I hear ya Cyber. I just try to keep a little faith in humanity and hope that one day everyone will understand how lost we have been and move forward to a new way of life, leaving religion where it belongs.. the past.
.. But yea, the realist in me totally agrees with ya

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Heres something annoying

Heres something annoying theists dont seem to understand that well over 50% of their arguments for god can be used as arguments against. The rest is stuff they were told by people with a limited understanding.
How many times has a theist said to you 'its just a theory' (usually they spell it theiry lol but even though its untrue we can say your bibles just a theory (using the common meaning rather than the scientific meaning). Ive tried explaining the difference even suggesting they visit notatheory.com. They 99% of the time say no i wont i dont need to im right (i paraphrase).
Isnt the definition of insanity repeating the same task expecting different results?
I dare to say theists raised as theists are suffering from a mental condition (as a result of their indoctrination) due to their utter inability to examine contrary facts.

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You should read my stardust

You should read my stardust topic if you liked this one.

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Hey the pastofarians got

Hey the pastofarians got permission to open the church of the flying spaghetti monster. Lol

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That's great news! At least I

That's great news! At least I think it is, this could give some people a dose of how ridiculous teaching about religion in schools is.

I hope it doesn't get blown way out of proportion and lose it intended point in the future as some clowns begin to take it to seriously. The point being that if we teach about theism in schools then all theism should have a chance to be taught and thus the students should also learn about the FSM. The in this case metaphorical saying goes "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

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However it turns out, I just

However it turns out, I just hope the food is good. Wouldn't want to do a disservice to the Spaghetti Monster by serving bad pasta.

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They have real prayers ending

They have real prayers ending with ramen instead of amen. What i wonder is how on earth they manage to say the prayers without giggling ive read some there hilarious.

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Stephen hawkin says time did

Stephen hawkin says time did not exist before the big bang. I trust him. The parts of his work i understand lead me to the conclusion he knows his shit.

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