Why I don't think Nazism is right-wing

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Why I don't think Nazism is right-wing

Two things before I start:
1. This doesn't have to do with debating religion, this is just political, and a little bit social.
2. I am not doing this to say others are wrong, but to find out whether my statements are right. I don't see me going against anyone who replies, but with anyone who replies to find the truth.
Let's get started:
1. Hitler was anti-Jewish, but pro-Arab. This is similar to left-wing ideology of anti-Israel, and pro-Palestine and pro-Islam
2. Nazism is socialist, and my understanding of socialism is that socialism is left-wing. (Probably Wrong)
3. Nazism is fascist. Just because someone is fascist doesn't mean they are right-wing. Fascism is control of the means of production and capital. It basically means that you control businesses that you don't own. When a florist refused to provide for a gay wedding, left-wingers wanted to fine (and I think they actually did) the florist shop. That is controlling/manipulating a business that you don't know, which is fascism.
4. Nazism is anti-Capitalism, which I find most left-wing ideology is.

I wish to say that I don't think Nazism is completely left-wing, but I think Hitler was saying the truth when he said that Nazism is syncretic. In fact, Hitler opposes both right and left wing politics. Most of the above is asserted with what I find, and is probably wrong. And please don't say that most people/scholars believe that Nazism is right-wing. I know that. I want to know why it is so.

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Does it really make a

Does it really make a difference if it's left or right wing or central?

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It's just out of curiosity

It's just out of curiosity really.

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Hitler was such a monster no

Hitler was such a monster no one wants to be associated with him. Left, right, or center.

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Calling someone who

Calling someone who manipulated a entire Nation and sent himself from a artist, to a soldier and then to a Fuhrer is wrong. It is actually commendable achievement. Whether he was evil or not, he deserves credit for actually being a great manipulator, nonetheless, a evil one.

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You choose who you admire , I

You choose who you admire , I will choose who admire!

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Your answer lacks grammar,

Your answer lacks grammar, and it misuses the word "admire".

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Hitler gets a bad rap because he targeted white people. If he had killed black Africans no one would have said a thing. King Leopold II of Belgium killed 10-12 million blacks in the Congo and no one ever says anything bad about him.

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The idea that you can

The idea that you can represent every political worldview as a function of one (or two or three) variables is kind of nutty to begin with. But I guess that doesn't stop people from making those silly charts.

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The Nazis and fascist were most definitely rightwing conservatives.
1) The NAZIs were anti-union, antiworker, anti-communist.
2) The NAZIs were against modern art and modern music.
3) The NAZIs were racist. They were NOT pro-Arab. They were USING the Arabs to attack Israelis and Jews and for no other reason.
4) The NAZIS eliminated free elections.
5) The NAZIs were against human rights.
6) The NAZIs were anti-Gay.
7) The NAZIs believed in religious indoctrination.

Saying the NAZIs were not rightwing is like saying Communists are not left-wing. It is just a stupid and incorrect statement. Nazis are and were most definitely rightwing conservatives.

These are hallmarks of conservative values.

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Ah, okay cheers.

Ah, okay cheers.

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America embodied a lot of those ideas before the German Nazis took them over.

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Yep, nobody said that America

Yep, nobody said that America has been or ever will be perfect.

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you forgot to mention that

you forgot to mention that the Nazis were christians. They had the popes blessing

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I prefer the libertarian view

I prefer the libertarian view of political systems as either totalitarian or not. Left or right wing becomes moot when viewed as either free or enslaved.

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I don't actually think that

I don't actually think that view is libertarian. It came about much earlier than 1972.

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