Why millennials are skipping church

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Why millennials are skipping church

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Most 'Millenials' of my

Most 'Millenials' of my generation have their bullshit detectors on full alert most of the time as they are the first totally immersed 24/7 computer/communication generation.

They are bombarded with so many messages that obvious bullshit doesn't cut the mustard nor do promises of pie tomorrow....so religion dies. And about fucking time. I LIKE millennials.

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Re: OP link

Re: OP link

Hmmmm.... And here I was all this time thinking it was simply a matter of "World of Warcraft" taking priority over everything else. Go figure... *shrugging shoulders*... *chuckle*...

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World of Warcraft has lost

World of Warcraft has lost millions of subscribers the last 5 years or so.

Still by far the most profitable game ever made by a fairly wide margin. Even though well over 100 million was spent on it in development and new content/upkeep.

Due to the changing nature of how video games are consumed and paid for, it is likely no other game will come close for a very long time. And yeah I have played probably way too much of that game years ago.

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@Logic Re: W.o.W.

@Logic Re: W.o.W.

LOL... Honestly, I know next to nothing about the game. Never played it. Heck, I couldn't even tell you what the latest trend is in the realm of gaming.... *chuckle*... "World of Warcraft" was just the only well known video game I could think of to use in my post... lol...

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You are accurate however. People are getting distracted from god/religion by many things, including video games.

At current trends/rates, Esports (video games,) an electronic sport, will over take the NFL in size within 10-20 years. Crazy to think about.

Netflix has a good 20 minute video on it if you are curious.

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RE: OP - Interesting article

RE: OP - Interesting article. TY.

It is going to be very interesting for me when I return to America, if I ever do. I can't imagine how much life and society have changed since I left, nearly 23 years ago. Smoking bans, militarization of the police, all the Politically Correct BS I hear about, religion on the decline, cops in schools, increased security everywhere..... It's going to be really weird.

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A Ted Talks item arguing that the decline of religion is irreversible.

The presentation is a bit soporific, but the content is very interesting.

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@Algebe: I thought that was

@Algebe: I thought that was interesting. It seems to make a lot of sense as a social trend.

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