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Just ignore chorlton JoC. I know where you come from. I respect your opinion even though I don't agree with it.
chorlton is just trying to be the forum asshole and he is succeeding.

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I appreciate that. I know we

I appreciate that. I know we usually disagree on things but I respect you for this. Thanks, brother.

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lol grovel grovel


grovel grovel

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again I say :a fuk what you

again I say :a fuk what you think of me
too many wannbe sam harris types in here brainwashed into talking like theists
you've fallen for their defelctionnows & long winded bollocks & copy them

where did you get he from btw ?

assholes teach condoms don't work are wrong
you respect that, well ok then, go you

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@ chorlton

@ chorlton
HAHAHAHAHA now wipe the spital off of your face. Your last post is the most incoherent piece of crap I have ever read....but it is truly hilarious! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

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right oh captin sam

right oh captin sam

cant read unless perfect English I bet

zero fuks are given as always from me

still waiting for wher you got "he" from?

keep calling me he all you like though if you need to

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bad is fuking kids & telling

bad is fuking kids & telling folk condoms are useless

you are everything that is wrong in the Philippines & im proud you think its me that's bad
proves your moral compass is fuked

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If you are debating out of emotion then you have already lost, save the insults till you actually have a leg to stand on.... I have insulted people and apologized on this forum. This childish back and forth "you are everything that is wrong in the Philippines" is bullshit. It's childish and sad and bullshit. I agree with JOC on this one, you are making us atheists look bad by acting this way.
Apologize to JOC then get back to an actual debate!

Thank you in advance

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I don't think my answer will

I don't think my answer will satisfy whatever you're looking for because a lot of your questions don't apply to me. But I'll try to answer anyway, haha.

Why am I a theist/christian?
Born and raised as a Christian and then I chose Jesus on my own.

What makes you want to worship?
My short answer is because I want to. A slightly deeper answer is to imagine, just imagine that everything in the bible is real and you believe this. And then you kind of get the question, how can I not?

What makes you feel like you are worthless without a god?
OK, so this is the part where I can't really answer your question/s. I don't feel or think I'm worthless without God but my life would definitely be different and a lot worse without him. I guess maybe the reason why anyone might feel worthless without God is because of Grace, when a person accepts Christ and is in tears and says stuff like, "I'm not worthy". I think about it sometimes and it always seems to hit me in a soft spot, that wow, I can come boldly to God-something that even Moses couldn't do.
Why follow and throw away science and facts? Why subject your children to fear tactics to scare them into behaving?
Again, can't really answer this because at least for me, I don't throw away science and facts. I also don't have children, lol. And I sure hope I never scared any children in my church into behaving. I know a lot of people don't think that religion and science mix but for me, they kind of do.
Is it only because of fear of your own mortality?
Sigh. I feel really sad when I remember my friend who I tried to talk to about Jesus and mortality came up. I mean obviously, I don't want her to die and go to hell. But I don't think that's the best reason to follow any religion. That would be doing something out of fear. While I do believe that the decision of following Jesus or not is a matter of life and death, there's more to it than that.



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