Why is this still even a problem?

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Why is this still even a problem?

The subtle affiliation with laws in the U.S makes me sick. We have people who are opposing laws like legal abortion, the non teaching of religion in school, etc, These people are proposing these standards based off of subjective thoughts. It makes me sick how some people doing this actually have power in the U.S as well. Our(Assuming atheists/agnostics are reading this) representation in congress is 1 person. This is being that one person openly admits as an atheist.

We are stuck in these old school ideals when in all honesty, we should be shifting. We are finding evidence for evolution everyday(despite having the vast amount we already do). Science is advancing so fast, somebody created a hover board, A freaking hover board. But, in all seriousness, you would think for how much our species is advancing, we would gain a more independent view on life, and observe things more objectively, rather than subjectively.

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I recently went over my moms

I recently went over my moms house and was appalled to see the propaganda the church is sending her about how Abortion and contraceptives are wrong and murder. In a world facing the very real threat of a population under the human way of life crisis we have religions continuing to try to influence politics and laws while at the same time not only discouraging abortion and using murder and eternal damnation to do it but also doing the same with birth control. I believe I even saw something in there about masturbation being wrong. If things keep going this way more intelligent people will continue to not have kids and the faithful god loving/fearing people will start a population boom killing us all. Exactly when is enough, enough.

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Abortion is absolutely a

Abortion is absolutely a decision in only the hands of the person who is pregnant. No one else. Not the government's, not any church's, not friends', not family. How dare anyone else think they have a say in it!

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I think that there are two

I think that there are two reasons that this is still a problem:
1) Children are indoctrinated from a very early age, and made to believe these lies that they call 'faith' through fear before they are old enough to reason for themselves. They get so used to hearing the b.s. that it doesn't sound ridiculous to them, they just accept it as fact because everyone they know pretty much validates it. The sky is blue, the grass is green, there is an invisible sky wizard who gets angry when you do certain things with your genitals. This goes double for children who are not educated properly in the areas of world religions, philosophy, or science, they don't stand a fighting chance. Why do you think so many Christians home-school their kids?
2) Some people are 'saved' as adolescents or even as adults even if they weren't raised in particularly religious homes due to peer pressure and/or the desire to be comforted and told what to think, because they are too lazy and/or scared to think for themselves.

I totally feel the same as you do though, it is a sad, pitiful shame.

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NeMar, I agree.

NeMar, I agree.

Some children like me escape this by being rebels in nature and hate being told what to do without an explanation.

With my children I would never force them to do things without an explanation like my mom did.

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I think it won't be problem

I think it won't be problem if we don't take it as a problem...

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