Why we live?

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Why we live?

Did you ask youre self why you live?

What sens did you give to a life?

Did you know that one day you will die?

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kamalovich- I live to be

kamalovich- I live to be loyal to the "words" and meaning of the Koran. The only sense of purpose I have for my life is to be true to the Koran. When I die as a orthodox Muslim I will enjoy the greatness of life in heaven for eternity with Allah and 72 or 73 virgins. As a soldier for Mohammad I will be a blessed forever in eternity with my fellow martyrs who kill the infidels. The more infidels I murder in the name of Allah the higher up the heaven scale I go. My goal is to get to murder at least 1000 infidels and enjoy a high rating and be honored with a seat very close to Mohammad when I get to heaven. The Koran is a perfect book and I know I will enjoy heaven with the virgins(like I already said) .All homosexuals will go to the fire of hell. Heaven is a special place and only those martyrs and orthodox Muslims who obey the word of the Koran will enjoy the bliss of heaven. As of today only 3.5 million Moslems are in paradise. 300 trillion billion million other homosexuals non believers and infidels are in hell. Heaven has room for only maybe 100 million true Moslems. Hell has room for all the number of stars in the universe. I am so blessed to be a Martyr for Mohammed and Allah and joy eternity in Heaven

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Goes from Christian, to "God

Goes from Christian, to "God Racist", to Muslim.

Yep, definitely a troll.

Please, just go away. You're not getting laughs out of anybody, you're only making it worse for yourself by continuing your actions, which end up getting you banned from the forums.

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Austin-You have a very

Austin-You have a very handsome face---keep the glasses -get rid of the hat. Austin Let me see from Christian to God Racist to Muslim. That makes me a psychotic, crazy dangerous psychopath. Besides exaggerating the craziness of religion through satire what harm am I doing to you that your so sensitive to my humor. Sometimes describing the seriousness and absurdity of religion can be expressed with humor. But you my young whippersnapper are somehow bothered by my ridicule of religion. Your nose seems ok but your ears are a little floppy. get rid of the hat.

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Public information announcement:

"fred,k" is actually the infamous troll of the Atheist Republic forum.

Generally referred to as "Kenny", has been banned many times under different names.
Previously known aliases include: "Kenny Schweiger", "Kenny", "myself", "alleycat", "richardd", "Christopher", "marken", "punkin", "amber", "Simon".

Claims to be an atheist. But he has a fondness for using "sarcasm", even though no one ever gets his sarcasm and he has been told this many times, he keeps posting such deceiving comments.

He seems obsessed with religions, creationists and the stupidity of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Joel Osteen, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Sarah Palin, etc.

This announcement will be posted whenever he spams, agitates, confuses or flies of the handle.

Also, he finds these announcements 'boring'.

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He should feel special, most

He should feel special, most of us don't get outro music.

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