Why is the world so attracted to Gods

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Why is the world so attracted to Gods

Okey okey so im trying to get some sense out of the human race, what makes religion tick for us. Why are you so dependent on a God to exist, why cant you live without even thinking about it ? Why is it so important for you to know if there is a God. Isnt it kind of pathethic to bow down to a God when you are your own human being with your own free mind?

Im just sayin, when you are praying to Jesus or some guy, you are basicly saying "Hey god you own me, il do whatever you wanna do. Please give me signs, i am your puppet untill death" <--- Its pathethic.

Even if a God were standing before you, why would you bow down to him?

Fucking start living only dependant on yourself, and drop this God madness, its really getting old ;P

You are free, in those terms it means there is no one who owns you, there is NO person in this world who can tell you what to do or not what to do, not even the goverment or the police. Start living free race, you are doing the opposite.

Earth is like watching a MMORPG game, where every human being does the same action every day. You are robots xD

" A human mind is not capable of entrapment, it makes the mind crack... "

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Not all the world is

Not all the world is attracted to god(s). There is hope in that :-)
Why are many peeps religious? IMO, fear (particularly of death), they were taught to be, they want answers for what is unknown to them, it is an opiate, they don't want to take responsibility for themselves, some want power over others, guilt, need, it's social, provides comfort, etc.
A ton of folks *want* to be told what to do and *want* to be owned. It's just easier for them.

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We are but arrogant apes in

We are but arrogant apes in the end.

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Hey guys, you might find

Hey guys, you might find interest in my debate post relating to this sort of topic, please share your views

How much theism is a bad thing?

Thanks :)

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I think I am with you on this

I think I am with you on this Tom! I think I would have a hard time bowing down to anyone even if I were a firm believer in any god or gods.

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I think some people are

I think some people are attracted to gods as a support mechanism and others are attracted to the power which a god could wield. It depends on what type of person you are as to what type of god you worship.

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It's true, a lot of people

It's true, a lot of people use religion in different ways.

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I see modern day religion as

I see modern day religion as a large toolbox and the followers are the tools in more ways than one.

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One theory that makes sense

One theory that makes sense to me is that god-belief is related to our innate tendency to assign agency to events or situations we don't understand. When ancient humans were subject to predation, for example, those who heard a noise and assumed it was caused on purpose may have survived better.

A side effect of this tendency would be to assume that bad weather was caused by an angry entity, for example. I think god-belief is sort of a natural side-effect of the tendency to assign agency. In biological terms, it's sometimes called an "evolutionary spandrel."

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I think throughout human

I think throughout human history we've simply gone through times where we didnt understand why things happen both good and bad. Rather than simply chalk these events up to randomness, we needed someone or something to give the credit or blame. A god figure that you cant see, hear, touch, smell, or taste (not sure why you'd want to) is an easy cop-out. And they offer the promise of a place where all the hardships of life go away as long as you believe in them and if you dont believe them you suffer for eternity. Then we take it a step further and create situations where we force other humans to believe the same things.

Thankfully as we continue to move forward and climb out of the depths of our own ignorance were seeing more and more that the camp fire stories we created to comfort shield ourselves from the unknown are nothing more than cover stories for what is actually occuring in our universe. Everyday we learn a greater amount of information about our existence and designing our futures leaving the traditional myths and folklore of religions and Gods in past where they belong.

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I have asked myself the

I have asked myself the question before and concluded it has to be an evolutionary thing as Dawkins and others have shown it to be. However, like many of our ape-like instincts that helped our ancestors survive (threaten or kill at the slightest transgressions, steal-kill-rape etc.) assigning agency is no longer beneficial. I give this rubbish maybe 200 years. If they don't start losing the battle on a large scale in a couple decades we will need to prepare for a new kind of war. How about we move to Moon or Mars? Or a space-ark? The reason we have to even consider that is because as the west frees itself, the east, middle-east and africa are seeing a resurgence, a new "Age of Darkness". Heck, my friends and I are genuinely concerned that the latest elections could eventually lead to a Hindu theocracy (after a good dose of riots and mass-murderin).

Good MMO reference too I guess. The question itself reminded me of Sirens of Titan. Our whole species seems to have been manipulated into doing things it didn't/shouldn't want to do. Except there are no alien manipulators, just our over-active minds.

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As I get older (I am in my

As I get older (I am in my mid sixties) I am so much more aware of the slowness of change. A leap forward, and then many steps back. Why this resurgence of religion, what is it about our society that has created this? Why is the U.S. so behind many other civilized countries when it comes to religion? Why is our education system going backward in regards to science? I raised my only child in a non-religious environment. I then had to just wait and see how she took in that parenting and how she would raise her children. Fortunately, she is not providing a religious upbringing for them which makes me feel like I have contributed to getting rid of the madness. Nevertheless, most non-believers are still closet atheists out of fear of the Christians out there that would do them harm (psychologically or otherwise). We have a long way to go and many standing in our path to rationality.

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I think 200 years is a fir

I think 200 years is a fir estimate. I'd be willing to go up to 400 years.

Too bad I most likely won't be around to see how close I am, or esle I'd make you a bet :)

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I agree its madness. It

I agree its madness. It causes hate discontent and confusion. I was raised in a strict religion. Much of my childhood was beautiful and much of it was abusive. I spend most of my adult life allowing others to wipe their feet on me and hiding from the world. I started taking charge of my life by educating myself. Now I can't understand how people can't see the madness.

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