why would god create the devil?

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If you are able to stop evil

If you are able to stop evil and do not do so, you are evil.

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@RickeyD Re: "Our Creator

@RickeyD Re: "Our Creator did not create the "devil," but created Lucifer who, through volition..."

I will try to get through this before the convulsions begin... *corner of mouth and eye twitching*... Or before my head explodes, whichever comes first...

God (according to Christian lore) is ALL-knowing and ALL-powerful. So far, so good, right? Yet, I am expected to believe that this All-knowing and All-powerful God created Lucifer WITHOUT KNOWING good ol' Lucy-goosey would rebel against him?...*muscle spasms starting in neck and arms*..... And even beyond THAT, I am also expected to believe this All-powerful God was unable to do anything to stop it?..... *loss of bladder control*.... You.....*legs starting to spasm*.... can't have it..... *frothing at mouth*... BOTH ways.... *eyes bulging severely*....*full blown convulsions begin*...... POP!!!.... *head exploded*.... Dammit. Not again. *groan*

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Actually RickyD, I think the

Actually RickyD, I think the best question to ask yourself is:

Why would man create a god?

Robert A. Heinlein (paraphrased): "Man can never create a god superior to himself. Most gods he has created have the morals of a spoiled and immoral brat."


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I have no REASON to believe

I have no REASON to believe that a god exists, so I rationally DO NOT believe. In the light of that, I don't believe in the devil or in angels, especially if they are purported to be created by "God". So I find no reason to answer the OP.


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Just had an insight on this

Just had an insight on this one: God did not create a devil. God created an angel. The angel turned on god and became a devil. God just allowed it to happen. Remember that free will thing? Apparently the Angels have it as well. You can know god is real, still recognize him for the dick he is, and refuse to worship him.

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Ah! But God is omniscient, so he knew the angel would turn devil before he even created him. All according to God's plan- in this case the create a fall guy plan.

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Foiled again!

Foiled again!

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Why would god create the

Why would god create the devil?

More importantly, how do you tell them apart?

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@Algebe Re: How do you tell

@Algebe Re: How do you tell them apart?

*totally confused look on face*.... Really? Dude, that's - like - common knowledge, man. I mean, EVERYBODY knows the Devil is all red, with a long pointed tail, and he has horns on his head and hooved feet. Oh, and he has a freakin' awesome mustache and goatee beard and carries a wicked looking pitchfork. God, on the other hand, is all grandfatherly-looking with flowing pure white hair and beard, and wears a white robe with bright rays of sunshine constantly streaming from behind him. Seems to me pretty obvious which one is which. Duh!

Honestly, Algebe, I thought you were SMART. I thought you knew things like this. Oh, dear. My image of you has been shattered.....*turns and walks away dramatically with head back and back of hand on forehead*...

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Both are well-known shape shifters. God has at various times appeared as George Burns and Morgan Freeman, while Satan has appeared in the guise of Liz Hurley among others. You just can't tell by appearances. God has a higher kill rate than Rambo, so perhaps that's one way to tell them apart. But morally they're pretty much even.

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@Algebe Re: "But morally

@Algebe Re: "But morally they're pretty much even."

Hmmmm.... Wouldn't be too sure about that. After all, Satan actually KNEW God and decided, "Screw this! I'm outta here!" How bad could Satan really be? LOL

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Well, you could go by the kills, I guess. He with the most corpses wins - and that would be god, by a landslide. Actually, by a flood. Lucy's strictly penny ante compared to that.

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Why would God create people?

Why would God create people? Can an omnipotent god have any use for people at all? Why this weird need in an omnipotent god? I'll tell you why. It's because people made God, so they get a starring role.

Why this need for eternal damnation? Why not a reality where people always have another chance to redeem themselves by hard work, the greater the crime the harder and longer the work? I'll tell you why. It's because the people who speak for God want strict obedience. A clear, horrible threat works much better than the idea that you can always work things out later.

Why did God create the devil? I'll tell you why. In the Old Testament God was originally responsible for good and evil, even as several verses attest. At that time Satan was merely an official of sorts working for God. But somewhere between the Old and New Testaments God dropped his evil side. Since evil was obviously still going on in the world, someone had to pick up that ball. So, Satan became the supervillain of later scripture, probably due in part to Iranian influences that made him almost an equal to God.

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Okay, okay, after long

Okay, okay, after long contemplation I have come up with the correct answer on this one. Imagine you are God, an omnipotent, omnipresent, being living beyond time and space. You are surrounded by nothingness. There is nothing to do. No parties, no friends, no movies, no rock and roll music and no drugs to divert your attention from nothingness. Heck, there isn't even darkness or silence because they have not been invented yet. So what are you going to do? ..... That's Right!

You are going to look around....... and as soon as you think no one is looking........... you are going to pick your nose. We all do it!

God created Satan for the same reason we pick our noses. He was bored out of his mind. Even after creating the earth and seeing that it was green and good, and just sat there looking back at god as if to say, "now what," there was nothing for god to do. He was bored. He could either pick his nose again or magically create some confusion and spontaneity. God created Satan for the same reason he picks his nose, for the same reason we all pick our noses. He was bored out of his mind.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

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Cog solves another mystery!

Cog solves another mystery! Damn I'm good!

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Well, if you're gonna do it,

Well, if you're gonna do it, might as well make it worthwhile.


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just browsing YouTube...


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It's an old one but worth

It's an old one but worth watching again. LOL

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When I started the Terminator

When I started the Terminator vs. Jesus video, Youtube played an ad for Franklin Graham's ministry.

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terminators lines to jesus..

this terminator thing is much better...

mary is crying on the sidewalk then terminator said to mary..."dont worry mama mary, he'll be back"

as jesus walks to his calvary with his cross...


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