Wisdom from Monty Python

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Wisdom from Monty Python

I discovered a couple of brilliant quotes about atheism from two of the Monty Python team.

"If atheists are deaf to the word of God, then theists are blind to the ways of man."
--Michael Palin

"I believe in the separation of church and planet."
-- Eric Idle

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"If atheists are deaf to the

"If atheists are deaf to the word of God, then theists are blind to the ways of man."
--Michael Palin

Growing up in a heavily indoctrinated childhood with the host religious organization being the Church of Christ. I attended a private school of theirs (daily chapel required) and was continuously bombarded with their brain washing. Fortunately, after the eighth grade when I requested going to public school my parents did not refuse since their budget was tight at the time. After graduation I attended college and took a geology class, after studying fossils, plate tectonics and different methods of dating such as carbon-14 and radiometric dating I quickly came to the conclusion the earth was not six-thousand years old and gods were man-made figments of people's imaginations. It baffles me how theists fight so hard in so many ways to be willfully ignorant despite mountains of evidence in so many areas of science.

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"I quickly came to the

"I quickly came to the conclusion the earth was not six-thousand years old"

Did you hear of Kurt Wise during your geology studies? He's a young Earth creationist with a geology PhD from Harvard. Maybe some rocks fell on his head or he breathed in too much volcanic gas. He's involved with Ken Ham's Creation Museum.

The picture of the world that science gives us is so much more beautiful, mysterious, exciting, and challenging than the boring scenario in Genesis. The way of man is to find answers. Religion stifles that drive to discovery.

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That was 1974 and Kurt Wise

That was 1974 and Kurt Wise was not in college yet. Regardless, I would have concluded he was dishonest when comparing his claim against the scientific community as a whole.

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I find Kurt Wise's last name

I find Kurt Wise's last name ironic. : )

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Eric Idle's citat var lysande

Eric Idle's quote was brilliant :)

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I watched Monty Python

I watched Monty Python "religiously" from the time that they started programming them on KERA (the first time the USA was exposed to them).
One of my favorites was a skit where a (fake) British talk show hosted a debate whether god existed or not.
It started out, with the host introducing the pope seated in a chair and a known atheist philosopher seated in another. After the introduction the back curtain opened to a wrestling ring and the pope and philosopher were now seated on stools in separate corners. A bell rang and the two began to wrestle complete with commentary. The fake show broke away to other skits but kept coming back for updates. At the end of the entire Monty Python program during the credits, an announcer proclaimed "God exists, three falls to one."

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Blessed are the cheese makers

Blessed are the cheese makers -- Life of Brian

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"Always look on the bright

"Always look on the bright side of life" (and don't fuck with rabbits) !

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