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"Without the bible we would not know that the sexually immoral person sins against his own body."

Maybe the reason why the biblical fairy tale is so intent on convincing people that most sexual activity is a sin is because sex is such a personal pleasure. By making it a sin that will cause people to be denied eternal life it forces people to give up their own basic wants and desires and to adopt the Boss's rules of obedience and loyalty. IOWs once people have been broken of that basic behavior it's a cake walk to get them to follow all of the other rules. It's a sin to eat shrimp and pork but you won't get tossed into the lake of fire for it. OTOH if you engage in sexual orgies you're going to be swimming in the lake of fire. It's like being a Hindi and eating beef. It'll get you killed in some areas.

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When is argumentum ad populum

When is argumentum ad populum not argumentum ad populum? When Breezy decides to reverse what it means using Orwellian doublethink.

It is a bare appeal to numbers john.

A scientific consensus is entirely reliant on sufficient objective evidence, so to call it a bare appeal to numbers is either startling stupid or starling dishonest. Unlike your claim that the number of people who believe something based on a superstitious book can be cited as evidence about that book, which is the very definition of argumentum ad populum.

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The word of God....

The word of God....

The Father: "No!"

The Son: *whining*... "Daa-aaaad!"

The Holy Ghost: "Boo!"

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the bible has been altered

the bible has been altered like many holy books. Also metaphysics, quantum physics and many other science fields are now tapping into the "metaphysical worlds".

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No they certainly aren't that

No they certainly aren't that's rubbish. Science deals in empirical evidence for the physical material universe, not with gibberish and superstition.

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Well. Finally read this

Well. Finally read this thread. Avoided it when I saw it was already at some 70 responses before I even saw it.

Found one huge mistake Breezy Dodger and JoC Runner stated.

Every post they made.

Damn this thread grew to be big.



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