Would you eat lab grown meat?

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Would you eat lab grown meat?

Lab grown meat is coming soon, next year or two. Lab grown meat is done without killing animals, which is way better than the way we currently get our meat.

Will Lab-Grown Meat Overtake the Animal Agriculture Industry?


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Lab meat producer Mosa Meat


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Sure why not? Everything else

Sure why not? Everything else we eat is lab grown.

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Only lab-grown bacon. Other

Only lab-grown bacon. Other than bacon, I hate the taste of meat.

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I would eat lab grown meat. I

I would eat lab grown meat. I think it would be better for the planet.

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Hi Xeno,

Hi Xeno,
" Lab grown meat is done without killing animals," Not always. Right now the cells are cultured in FBS, Fetal Bovine Serum. Where do you get that? Right, bleed out bovine fetuses:


For decades, I used FBS in the lab to grow cells, because it works. Other alternatives are in development, the questions are:

1) Can they work as well
2) Can they still be cost-effective.

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I didn't know that. Thanks

I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know.

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They already have it in pet

They already have it in pet food you can buy.

I would eat it if they found the long term effects of consuming it is equal to or less dangerous than the meat we eat today (not a high bar to clear.)

I have reduced meat intake for health and environmental reasons already.

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If I thought eating meat was

If I thought eating meat was wrong I would become a simple vegetarian. Rice and beans, lentils and rice, Dal and rice, beans and corn bread, peanut butter and whole wheat bread, beans and tortillas. A little dairy products, some eggs once in a while. I could be happy. If I thought eating other creatures was wrong, that is.

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I would just like to say I

I would just like to say I couldn't care...
And I would qualify this with an analogy with beef!

If I want to eat stake, obviously the cow dies and I will still die eventually.

If I was to only eat lab created meat, I will still die as will all animals too.

Therefore I would only be interested in changing my dietary arrangements if a lab or some other source could make the animal or myself immortal.


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how does it taste?

how does it taste?

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I'm not sure how it taste, it's made from stem cells.

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