The wrath of God: is religion *really* peaceful?

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The wrath of God: is religion *really* peaceful?

War: it's a topic that makes people shudder. The thought of thousands of people on each side mercilessly killing each other for their cause is something that is hard to imagine. And yet: it's happened hundreds (if not thousands) of times. But, what *is* their cause for fighting? Well, for some cases: religion. Think about it, some of the worst events in history (for example: The Holocaust, the Crusades, The Mountain Meadow's Massacre, 9/11, etc) have been caused in the name of a religion. Even now, bloody conflicts happen in the Middle East because of the commands of religious beliefs. The Holocaust, one of the worst events in modern history, was caused by a man's hatred of a religious and ethnic heritage. Aztecs would sacrifice innocent people to their deities, the Romans threw Christians into bloody combat solely because of their beliefs, and many other inhumane acts. Even Christianity itself lets you get away with things that are crimes today, simply by paying the father fifty pieces of silver and marrying the woman (Deuteronomy 22:29). My point is: religions are in not as peaceful as it claims to be. It can be downright horrid, inhumane, and disgusting.

Theists, I await your argument.

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I'm not a Theist but I'll

I'm not a Theist but I'll share my take on this.
As I see it, There are good and bad things occurring regardless of religion or not.
My problem with religion is that it gives sanctuary to people who do bad things.

A Person that kills someone, even for his religion, would probably kill someone even if there was no religion,
But today, in 2016, people are still getting away from horrible things just because of their religion.

In my eyes, raping a young child is sickening whether it was made by a religious person or not. The problem is, that some religions give you the ability to get away with it.

Like religion, there are many other things that can cause people to act irrationally, the difference is that only religion can get away with it.

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