Yet another mass shooting!

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Yet another mass shooting!

In a small town in Texas, 26 people were murdered BY A FUCKING GUN!
When people were mowed down by a truck on a bike path, the entire conservative population SCREAMS for a war with islamics, yet a mass shooting in Vegas, and now another in Texas, and all the conserva-TURDS can say is "this is no time for politics."
It is TIME to rid this nation of GUNS PERIOD.
Trump says that this isn't a "gun issue", it's a "mental health issue."
But Trump actually signed this bill:
Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses
In Sutherland Springs Texas at least 7% of the entire population was murdered because of EASY FUCKING ACCESS TO GUNS!
Let's just take a little inventory.
Americans are basically uneducated, brainwashed by propaganda, and irresponsible.
You can buy laser pointers. A useful tool....BUUUUUT, what do Americans do with them? They point them at the eyes of jet pilots!
Automobiles. Again a useful tool, but Americans think that they are macho-bullshit-racecar-drivers and drive irresponsibly.
Cellphones. Great product, useful, but Americans can't even put them down while driving. They have to text, talk, watch TV and do everything else but drive. People get so involved with their phone that some have even walked off of cliffs. Not to mention people are RUDE about their phones. The phone call or text, or twitter alert is somehow more important than the person right next to you EVEN IF IT IS YOUR OWN FUCKING KID!
America needs to grow the fuck up!
Put down that phone, drive safely, don't have a firearm.
Don't get me started on firecrackers, big wheels, hoverboards, etc! AND GODDAMNED DRONES. Nice toy but what do Americans do with them? They fly them near passenger jets, buzz their neighbors, or cars.
I am so sick and tired of the adolescent behavior of Americans. I understand about personal freedom. FUCK! I served 22 years defending that freedom, but irresponsibility isn't a FREEDOM, it's a crime.
Americans should not have guns. There is absolutely no need for guns!
lets put this into perspective:
Vegas shooting: 58 killed 489 others injured.
Texas church shooting: 26 killed 20 others wounded.
NYC bike path terror attack: 8 killed 12 or so injured.

These are the major attacks in the last few months. It's clear that we have a minor terrorist problem and a FUCKING MAJOR GUN PROBLEM in this nation. The guy in Texas reeled off over 400 rounds, from a gun he bought legally. The guy in Vegas had a "bump-stock" that legally allowed him to turn a semi-automatic into a machine gun.
This is fucking nuts.
Fuck the NRA, and FUCK every motherfucker that misunderstands the 2nd Amendment. Fuck the conservative bastards that won't enact gun regulation, but after a mass shooting wants to hold a "prayer vigil"! Fucking stupid!

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Of course. Republicans are

Of course. Republicans are too busy kissing the gun lobby's ass to think about new legislation

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I particularly like Trump's

I particularly like Trump's "this was a mental health issue, not a gun issue". Now do we think people with mental health issues and easy access to guns makes gun fatalities more or less likely than people with mental issues prohibited from access to guns through strict gun laws? Hey, it's not as if other countries have lower rates of gun crime because of strict gun laws, oh wait a minute!

The saddest comment I heard was some woman suggesting the best thing everyone could do was pray for the victims. Since the murders took place IN A CHURCH I'm guessing she's not seeing the irony?

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Like many Europeans I look at

Like many Europeans I look at the American attitude to guns with a degree of disbelief .
But I have "no dog in the fight" over gun control ... indeed it is not my place to try to participate in said fight.
However , I do hold opinions and I will express them ... but I'll limit my remarks to simple statements ,not discussion topics.

1/ The U.S. will not introduce gun controls .... because ..... they don't want to.
America ,as a whole does not care about the deaths caused by rogue shooters.
If there was a chance of implimenting controls .... it was surely after Sandy Hook ....
if it wasn't controlled after that... then it aint going to be controled.
If children aren't to be protected then no-one is.

2/ I can see the rationale for the 2nd amendent supporters line of argument that ,"it isn't guns that kill people , its people who kill people".
and indeed this , although over simplistic is true.
However guns are merely tools , they are designed for specific uses ...
I can see the need for high powered rifles for hunters ....
I can see the need for accurate riflels and pistols for target shooters.
I can see the need for pistols and revolvers for self-defence ....
(although Im not convinced that large mag automatic pistols are necessary beyond use by law officers....
if you can't hit what you are aiming at with six shots from a revolver...then should you actualy have a gun in the first place ?.)

BUT.... can somebody explain to me the civillian need to own an assault rifle (semi-automatic or automatic) ...
Not accurate enough for target shooting .
Not powerfull enough for hunting.
Rapid change magazines.
Comparable rate of fire to a machine gun.

As far as I can see ,the sole purpose of this "tool" is to repeatedly pump out large quantities of bullets in as short space of time as
possible at a general area ,not too far distant ... in short it seems to be intended to kill .... nothing more.

Is there a lawful civillian application for such a weapon .... if not ... ban the bloody things!!

OK..rant over.

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People love guns. They buy

People love guns. They buy them for the same reason you might buy anything else. We all want the latest car, the latest television, and here in America the latest guns. People want them for sport, just to own them. They want to take it out to the range and feel how the gun works. Sure there's a point at which its obvious overkill. But the same applies to cars, we want more horsepower and more speed, even though we can't drive over 70mph.

You could make the argument only police should have these cars, and regular civilians should only be allowed to drive cars that can't go faster than the speed limit.

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please cite your source for

please cite your source for the statement "we ALL want the latest car....etc"

want isn't an answer for wanting a device made to kill which a car is not nor is a tv

you can make such arguments but not everyone is that perverse

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@ chorltonhttps://www

@ chorlton

In comparison to the rest of the world, Americans are the least responsible people per capita of any group. Americans are reckless, rude, inconsiderate and selfish as a group. You might think "So what? As Americans, we have the right to do what we want." And that is true to a point, but no American has the right to endanger other people just because they want to. And that is the problem. Americans generally have a lack of concern, a lack of respect for anybody else. Guns, alcohol, drugs, drones, laser pointers, firecrackers, hoverboards, automobiles, etc are misused and abused by Americans to the point that they are dangerous to themselves and others. It's immature and childish.
A person can create a product that if used properly is useful and perfectly safe, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Americans will find a way to misuse it and make it dangerous. Now I am not advocating curtailing American freedom by any means. I am not saying we should ban or restrict everything. I am saying that there is no use for guns in the civilian population and the second amendment does not give anyone the right to own a gun, use a gun unless they are in a WELL REGULATED MILITIA! there is no need for "racecars" on the road. "Because I want one" or "It's fun" isn't a valid excuse to put people in mortal danger.
There is no reason to hunt.
Having a gun for defense doesn't make you safer, it makes things more dangerous.
And there is absolutely NO justification for automatic or assault weapons.

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you said "all" but you meant

you said "all" but you meant most or many

I didn't look at a single link so that was a huge waste of your time posting all that & I've no idea why you wrote all the other stuff

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All? I said all? Well, maybe

All? I said all? Well, maybe I did or didn't. The fact is that Americans are BASICALLY irresponsible. You wanted sources and then ignored them, so you weren't sincere and completely dishonest. next time you take exception to a post and REQUEST sources you might have the decency to READ them.
The REASON I wrote "all that other stuff" was to illustrate the irresponsible nature of Americans in general.

chorlton's picture
yes you said all

yes you said all
you know fine well you did

source for all was requested
no source for all given

note how you now say "in general" distancing yourself for the earlier "all"
dishonest aye?
I'm sorry your feelings are hurt by being asked to prove your claim "all" and so much you must attack & deflect.

decency aye?
so emotionally charged by being asked to prove your claim of "all" you attack the askers decency.
your dozen links don't address the claim of "all"

only 40% of Americans have a gun or live in a home with one
next up you'll assume im pro gun & attack my spelling

get over yourselv honey you said "all" & meant "many"
swallow the pride

mykcob4's picture

Whoops, you assume that my feelings are hurt and that I am all about myself. Well, you're wrong in both cases. BTW I don't care about typos.
I have read a lot of your replies and a pattern has emerged. You want to be the forum authority. Maybe I said "all". SO FUCKING WHAT? The point of the thread was that there is no logical argument to not have sensible gun regulation. Now, I am for banning firearms altogether. I understand that that isn't going to happen.
A little background. I served 22 years in the USMC. I have seen combat many times. I know what a real firefight is. I know what killing someone is all about. Civilians, no matter how often or intensely they train have no idea what it is like....and that's a good thing believe me. Alos there is a "fog of war". It is a real thing in many different measures and scales. On a personal or individual level, it is a temporary shock. It takes time and experience to overcome that effect. Kind of like boxing. You can train all you want but until you have really fought a couple of times you get punched in the nose...A LOT!
People think that they want guns, that they need guns. people watch too many movies.
So you can be condescending all you want, but you're missing the FUCKING POINT. Take CyberLN. She is interested in curing the WHOLE problem of gun violence. She is just pointing out that there is much more to the violence than just guns. She happens to be FOR gun control. She is looking at a bigger picture, but you berated her ignorantly. I didn't say stupidly. I said ignorant because you were ignorant of her true position. Now, I don't get along with CyberLN very well, but I respect her and usually agree with her positions. I have read enough of her post to understand where she is coming from.
You just jumped into this forum berating everyone over nitpicky bullshit. From what I have read, I probably mostly agree with you philosophically, but so far you have just been a big asshole.
So "honey" get over YOURSELF and REALLY " join the forum.
As far as pride goes I don't have any, nor do I have an ego. As long as I have been on this forum, I am the only one that I know of that has admitted any mistakes or apologized. That doesn't take pride or ego, it takes integrity. I don't "assume" anything about you. I don't think you are pro-gun, and I don't care about your spelling.
Yeah, maybe you're right about 40% owning all the guns, but with around 300 million Americans in this nation there are over 700 million in private hands, and ANY-FUCKING-BODY can get a gun.....LEGALLY.
It is illegal to buy, sell, or own a gun in Mexico. So where do they get them? The USA of course.
Guns are out of control in the USA....OUT OF CONTROL!

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Actually chorlton, I never

Actually chorlton, I never said "all". I reread everything I wrote on this thread up to this point and I never ever said "all'. So you are WRONG in the first place. Please reread everything I wrote, twice if need be. You'll find I never said "all"!

chorlton's picture
congratulations on editing

congratulations on editing your post to remove the line I initially questioned

I couldnt care less who you are in love with on here or what you think of me

the fact you post long winded replies shows me this is your life purpose in here

less guns less gunshots is all the logic required but do another big rant about tangents

dance for me

mykcob4's picture
@ chorlton

@ chorlton
I didn't edit anything. When you edit a post it states that it was edited. So now you are falsely accusing me again. You have a big problem with the truth pardner.
You don't know a thing about me. You have no idea what "my life purpose" is.
I don't know what your problem is, but it is a BIG one.
I never stated that I was in love with anyone....where the fuck did get that? I suspect that you have little images in your head and you act them out.
Of course, you don't care what I think of you and I you. That is the one thing that you said that made sense.
let's just take a look at some of the things that you said I said or referred to that just aren't true.
1) You said I said "all" in one of my initial posts.
2) You alluded that I commented on how I feel about you.
3) You alluded that I mentioned something about whom I love.
4) You decided that it is my life purpose to comment on this forum.
5) You accused me of editing my threads.
The fact is that none of these things are true. You made them up. Most are easy to check. Everyone can go through the threads and see that I never said "all" and also they can see that the post hasn't been edited.
So you're either STUPID or a LIAR. I guess both.
But keep it up chorlton. You are gaining quite a reputation. As of right now, no one is taking you seriously. I've been here for some time and I know how the forum works. My guess that you are not long for this forum given your track record.

chorlton's picture
I could not give less fuks

I could not give less fuks what you think or say or anyone else for that matter
I don't care about you in any way honey but you keep your love for me alive all the same

you wrote a line about all & cars
if its gone you changed it

I don't even read your shite I merly skim for 2-3 seconds & reply
dance again monkey dance your fake dance

I don't need to write a theis & pretend to be something on a fukin forum honey
ill leave the forum king crown to you, you are the best forum dweller ever, the champion & winner

theist rubs off btw

mykcob4's picture

Nope, didn't edit a thing. You are a liar. Never said anything about my affection or dislike of you in any just made that shit up. As for the rest of the nonsense, well, that is just you being childish and immature, unable to address your own mistakes.

Sheldon's picture
"you wrote a line about all &

"you wrote a line about all & cars
if its gone you changed it"

I'm pretty sure that was Breezy not Mycob4. Either way as he said all edited post will show as edited.

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I get most of your points,

I get most of your points, but just to speak on one...
There is no need to hunt...
Can you please expand, I do not agree with this but I would like to know what you thought.

Hunt for food?
Hunt for sport?

Not sure what you mean

mykcob4's picture
There is no reason to hunt.

There is no reason to hunt. It is cheaper to find food in stores then to hunt for food if you hunt LEGALLY!
There is no reason to hunt for sport. It isn't a sport. It is pseudo macho bullshit. People don't hunt anyway. They bate deer into a habit then use a weapon that you can use hundreds of yards away. There is no tracking, no closing into a reasonable distance, no skill. It is murder. There are better ways to maintain wildlife, then letting a bunch of yokels with extreme firearms loose on wildlife. In Pennsylvania alone, many cows are shot during deer season. Plus deer don't shoot back. Let me tell you something. There is a tradition in a certain military exercise where you place a tag (tape) on a live wild deer. I have done it. The deer are free but I don't think that they are exactly wild. Basically, they travel the same deer paths, have lost their natural fear of humans. So though it isn't easy, it is far easier then REAL hunting!

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
I do think people are

I do think people are justified in hunting. You and I have a disconnect with our meat, and perhaps don't mind wasting it. But people that hunt their meat appreciate it more. So, I have no problem with people hunting, even if they use guns to do it.

Sheldon's picture
"I do think people are

"I do think people are justified in hunting. You and I have a disconnect with our meat, and perhaps don't mind wasting it. But people that hunt their meat appreciate it more. "

What utter bilge, sweeping generalisations are to be thoroughly distrusted, irrespective of whether they decry or support a position.

"Cecil was initially wounded with an arrow by Walter Palmer, an American recreational big-game hunter, then tracked, and reportedly killed with a rifle approximately 40 hours later on 1 July 2015. Palmer says that Cecil was killed with a bow and arrow in much less than 40 hours after the lion was first wounded. Cecil was 13 years old when killed. Palmer had a permit and was not charged with any crime. Authorities in Zimbabwe have said he is free to visit the country as a tourist but not as a hunter"

Are you saying this imbecile ate the lion (entirely ?) after he'd senselessly killed it, or is this yet another example of your moronic cherry picking "evidence" you like, whilst ignoring any facts you dislike?

Animals killed for food in a controlled environment run less risk of suffering than those hunted for "sport" or fun, animals slaughtered in line with archaic religious doctrine like Halal and Kosha are far more likely to suffer an agonising and terrifying death. The EU has been battling to ban Halal and Kosha butchery for decades, based on the advice of all major EU veterinary organisations.

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
It shouldn't take much effort

It shouldn't take much effort to read the first line of mykcob4's comment.

Sheldon's picture
"It shouldn't take much

"It shouldn't take much effort to read the first line of mykcob4's comment."

"There is no reason to hunt. It is cheaper to find food in stores then to hunt for food if you hunt LEGALLY!"

Indeed not, Though just what this has this to do with your disingenuous generalisation about hunters not wasting what they kill, and the contrary example I linked is not clear?

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
My comment is a response to

My comment is a response to that. Thus why it appears indented beneath it.

Sheldon's picture
Why do you keep posting

Why do you keep posting blindingly obvious assertions, that have little or no relevance to the posts you're responding to? You seem to delight in spinning off into non sequiturs whenever anyone challenges what you've said?

FYI your claim that " You and I have a disconnect with our meat, and perhaps don't mind wasting it. But people that hunt their meat appreciate it more." is an absurdly disingenuous generalisation. What evidence have you to support this?

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
Its up to mykcob4 to decide

Its up to mykcob4 to decide if its a disingenuous generalisation. Since he is the subject of the pronoun.

mykcob4's picture

Maybe we do have a disconnect, but I don't think people that hunt have any more respect for their meat than I. I don't waste food.....none of it, not even the bones.

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John 6IX Breezy "People love

John 6IX Breezy "People love guns. They buy them for the same reason you might buy anything else."

That really doesn't tell us whether letting them indulge this fondness for lethal firearms is broadly beneficial for American society as a whole. Other countries have strict gun control and demonstrably less gun crime as a result. Some like the UK have tightened already strict gun laws even further after gun crimes that resulted in mass shootings, the Hungerford shootings is an obvious example. We had people who spoke out in favour of people's love of guns then , but sanity prevailed.

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Well said, but can I just say

Well said, but can I just say.. **cough>gun lobby

Sheldon's picture
It's the $'s that make gun

It's the $'s that make gun control unlikely, as long winning an election costs money, the gun lobby will wield an undue influence.

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@Mykcob4 "I am so sick and

@Mykcob4 "I am so sick and tired of the adolescent behavior of Americans."

All the behavior you've described happens just about everywhere. Brits, Australians, and New Zealanders do stupid things with cars, mobile phones, drones, etc., often all at the same time. If guns weren't so hard to get, we'd be wreaking general havoc with them, too.

No. What you've described isn't American behavior. It's male behavior. It makes me ashamed to admit it, but we males are driven by adolescent hormone surges and our tiny little fragile egos to puff ourselves up by creating mayhem.

And when guns and cars just aren't enough to compensate for our shortcomings, we go and create religions.


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