You as an Atheist?

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You as an Atheist?

How would you all describe yourself as an atheist? At peace, frustrated, ignorant to religion, etc... I'm not trying to assume or insinuate anything just curious.

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It varies based on topic

It varies based on topic/situation. The biggest thing is annoyed by the stupidity that religion brings to public discussion. I see too much religion as anti-science(even a little is too much) and that does not bode well for our future if we have a science illiterate population. Other than that pretty content with being an atheist. I feel persecuted but honestly I think most people feel persecuted about their religious views.

The world makes a lot more sense. I bet most atheists think that but I have never taken a survey. Religion makes you feel good. Atheism makes you understand.

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Awake. Sane. Alive.


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Don't assume anything. I

Don't assume anything. I sense that you are just waiting to judge. I get so mad when theist assume atheist are ignorant of religion. My experience has been that most atheists know more about religion than most religious people.
Frustrated? Sure because religious people keep IMPOSING their myth on me and everyone. Religious people don't respect individual rights. Your right to believe your myth is an individual right, NOT a communal right.

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For better or worse .... in

For better or worse .... in the same boat as a believer. They just don't know it. Most will never find out.

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Interested. Interested in

Interested. Interested in what you believe and why... And assuming you are a theist, interested in why you believe in god or gods without proof or at the very least good evidence that gods exist.

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