you can read the TRUTH how great the pope is

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you can read the TRUTH how great the pope is

by looking at, but unfortunately the site is in Polish. Governments have created an international global-reaching surveillance system that can, amongst other, follow people anywhere they are (even in buildings), hear sounds around them. Without presence in the area, only by receiving EM waves (apparently, from public tv broadcasts echoing). To an extent they can see what is around (and manually adjust the target; fear of getting caught is one of reasons why I am still alive). Almost every country has got such system (see "Passive radar" on English Wikipedia). You will find the existence of this international system described NOWHERE IN THE INTERNET BUT ON THIS BLOG, this is how "wiretaps" work. Further, here in Poland various political parties have bribed almost every company in the country after media were bribed in 2006-8. They cooperate with politicians and the Police in spying (e.g. children of an entrepreneur) and, more important, in playing subliminal mind-manipulating sounds everywhere upon need (depends on where the spied person is; phones are connected with police's number 112 all the time, the telephone exchange redirects this, just as it does to allow other phones to play my life). This system also became international. I had been tortured with especially prepared sounds and persecuted worldwide by thousands of people, evil masses everywhere - this is my last 3 years of life (surveillance alone is 10 years, since 2004; now constant dialogue with torture from subliminal sounds; precisely TORTURE is since January 2013, really painful in every second). You can see it described and PROVED with Nokia movies, recordings, photos on my blog ("Tusk's bandits"). Every apartment building has got such shitty people who are ready to torture me with subliminal crap, bribery quickly worsens the problem.

They can also see screens of computers by so-called TEMPEST emissions (waves), and also recognize pressed keys by specific sound of different buttons. And also this is shared with entrepreneurs by giving them, apparently, a computer program. The media have long been in this, it is really 100% certain.

And, you know? The pope supports it. They do such surveillance on my private life too, have done this for years. No media company will describe it due to corruption of companies (tax benefits), and the Church will neither. They only leave "signs" in articles, like rude alusions, to show they are hearing and watching. Various proofs and movies can be found on blog WWW.BANDYCITUSKA.PL but it's in Polish, unfortunately. If you are interested then the Vatican looks like it participated in this inter-governmental evil operation, it is "90% certain" if the case with media, companies and Police is 100%. The participation likely began due to financial matters, it was initially spying alone, now maybe even they are somehow responsible for turture in "several places" dependent on the Vatican. I am so tired and mentally weak that I have no time to name and upload more videos but the old from 2013 are there on the blog, if anyone is interested (usually here in Warsaw or Poland nobody is, so broad is the corruption in this particular sample country). This is an European and international problem! Have travelled the world, really

blog can be found by searching for bandyci tuska

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If what you are saying is the

If what you are saying is the truth, you are presenting it in the worse possible way one could present such a controversial and unsupported claim.
When stating such claims please present real reliable evidence first.

This does not mean that the government is doing it, although I'm quite convinced that they are in america after 9/11.
Still it is an unsupported claim.

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Well, if you read the blog

Well, if you read the blog carefully enough and watch the videos, you can see clear proof that they do it. Especially that the sound is always with me, in every taxi I take, in every shop I visit. This is not due to a miracle or e.g. people are not tortured "24/7". Sorry for the lack of strong proofs but those which exist should suffice to investigate the matter. So please - admins - do not remove for this would compromise your reliability (the bribery - tax benefits - is really widespread).

worst, disgusting felonies? - a hope for vatican ! (and all hidden haters of liberalism, democratism) because it's new prerogatives for politicians. Just read please excerpts from the papal encyclical "Libertas praestantissimus" (1888) where they condemn the freedom of press... here's my comment from (contents a little censored; deleted the whole post) :

this is about a crime against humanity (mass torture of civilian population) in european police forces and leaders
if interested, see the site, maybe consult somebody who knows polish Smile some witnesses are filmed on the blog and a lot of other stuff
my mail to the Pope which resulted in grave silence :
the blog contains a video where I send this, and here is the UPS confirmation:

this is unfortunately no exaggeration :( they know my terrible situation in very details - and likely not only know :|

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error...the "'s"

error...the "'s" is a quote, should go after --------------

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e.g. it happened many many

e.g. it happened many many times that I said something e.g. in the forest or in a car alone, and random people or even media in realtime (sic) responded very specifically and almost without delay. Eventually it turned to this: every day I spoke in my flat a sort of a monologue, e.g. 5 mins in a random moment, then tens of people responded e.g. at my university, ................... tons of such examples. Videos are on the blog, I could also scan the joke-alike legal docs from the court/prosecutors when informed of this crime, and politicians are joking out of this all the time. Sorry to be uncredible. The details are blogged and not so few proofs already collected. Worst bullying since jan 2011 by masses of people:((

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"unfortunately the site is in

"unfortunately the site is in Polish"

I don't consider that as reliable at all.

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Was really disappointed with

Was really disappointed with this topic there are so many realistic complaints one could have against that senile old fart so why male up a ridiculous one that makes atheists look dumb or crazy.

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