you don't know what God is.

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Don't Say God ..... was a "drive-by" , dump and run poster back in 06/03/2015..... and as far as I can tell he/she or it has not been back since ....

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While us humans get more

While us humans get more intelligent the arguments for absurdity get more foolish. It's the only way.

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No One Can Claim Who and who

No One Can Claim Who and who don't know and the concept of "god". the concept of which has evolved much through history and the multitude of external concepts attributed to the name. that no single interpretation is valid universaly speaking. as of for the spirituality its just a weakpoint on your values that can be exploited by others, and finding your meaning and content in life. is just a waste of effort. organisms are rigged to breed thats the simple answer..

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" The audience of the bible

" The audience of the bible was not supposed to be college educated and have the internet. "

An omniscient omnipotent deity can't convey the entire purpose of the existence of everything because its pets got a bit too smart? Dear oh dear......
"God is not something that can be put into words. "

Then why are you wasting your and our time using words, if they can't explain what you believe?
"Athiests are closer to understanding a higher level of conscientious than others because you're not satisfied with what you've been exposed to. "

I have no idea what you have been "exposed to" but "higher level of conscientious" sounds like vapid flimflam to me.
"However, that's where your journey ended. And not searching for your own spiritual content isn't worth any title."

"Spiritual content"? More vapid verbiage. You seem to have the theists easy way with unevidenced claims, capricious punctuation, and statements that mean nothing and go nowhere.
"People are faithful because they've heard about the name from someone that doesnt need faith. However, that primary source is from long ago and the people assigned to pass along the message weren't apt to carry the wealth of responsibility that they were given because they never experienced it first hand. Like the game telephone. The first person sounded crazy. But they were saying something the second person couldn't understand."

I'm going to need that in English please?
"sunopsize "

Wtf? Now you're just making up words...
"I joined this site to find others that are familiar with what I'm talking about"

I think you'll need to contact the mother ship for that...
" I Wana know about the God you don't believe in"

It has the same characteristics as the deities you don't believe in.

What is it with theists and piss poor grammar? Still I'm glad someone revived this thread, that was one of the most bizarre posts I've ever read.

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"The audience of the bible

"The audience of the bible was not supposed to be college educated and have the internet." Correct -- it was to be the ignorant and gullible...who are the only ones who still believe it.

"God is not something that can be put into words. Saying the name cheapens the meaning of what is." FOOL, 'God" is a title, not a name. The NAME, according to the oldest sources, is Yahuah.

"People are faithful because they've heard about the name from someone that doesnt need faith." EVERYONE who accepts this fuckery requires faith -- which is "belief without basis", and synonymous with gullibility, delusion, and prejudice.

You want to know about the god I don't believe in? SIMPLE -- EVERY ONE THAT'S EVER BEEN PRESENTED TO ME. NO ONE has brought along ANYTHING of substance to validate the assertions they make. Neither have you, by the way.

Debate? Only if you like losing.

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Actually the Christian God's

Actually the Christian God's name is JEALOUS. Here is a small section of the book I am currently working on, Riding Some Wild Tangents.

A Jealous God? No Wonder!

Is it no wonder that the Judeo-Christian God is a jealous God? Hell, his name is Jealous (Exodus 34:14 "For thou shalt worship no other God: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God"). NOT Yahweh, nor Jehovah, nor Allah, nor any other name. Your God's name is Jealous! He even says so himself. I have searched, and searched, and searched, and found nothing about the name of your God in your Bible, except what is hypothesized by you Christians. Nowhere else in the Bible does your God ever give a name for himself. Nowhere.

The Tetragrammaton ([unicode characters] (YHWH, literally HWHY (but read right-to-left))) is only a descriptive statement: "I am that I am," NOT a name (Exodus 3:14 - And God said unto Moses, "I AM THAT I AM…"). Any person alive can state the same: "I AM THAT I AM, but my name is Richard." However, your God states: "I AM THAT I AM, and my name is Jealous." Prove me wrong.

Breakdown of the Tetragrammaton
[unicode character] Yad
[unicode character] He
[unicode character] Waw
[unicode character] He

Yad He Waw He = YadHeWawHe = YaHWHe = Yahweh

There is only one problem, in Aramaic Hebrew, the original writer put in [unicode characters] to stand in for "I AM THAT I AM" or "I AM." We already know that "I AM THAT I AM" is nothing more than a descriptive statement, even if in all uppercase letters. When the translators of the early 1600s saw this, they substituted "the LORD" or "the LORD God" in place of the Tetragrammaton because they could not truly understand what was meant by "YHWH." The only place the KJV translators left the Tetragrammaton was its first appearance in Exodus 3:14.

However, nowhere in the Bible does the God of the Hebrews ever speak his name except in the verse (in modern English): Exodus 34:14 - "For you shall worship no other God: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God."

Then if you really look, the Tetragrammaton is (in English letters) YHWH, if that supposedly means I AM THAT I AM, where is the fifth letter? As far as I am concerned, the Tetragrammaton actually means "I AM THAT AM." Break it down: Y = I, H = AM, W = THAT, and H = AM. However, if you were a translator, would you not add that second "I" so the sentence makes sense? Of course, we could play around with adding other conjugations of the verb "to be." I am that was. Ooooh. I like that one. I am that was. Damned right. But actually, you never were.


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A couple comments/questions

A couple comments/questions to OP.

1. How did you decide on your religion/God? Did you examine the other 500,000 deities in great detail and then decide on the God you worship now? Or did you just grab onto whatever your friends and family happened to be doing? It is amazing that out of the 500,000 or plus deities that you personally managed to find just the right perfect one.

2. In keeping with number 1, lots of people have claimed to understand God or the bible. Those same folks have burned witches at the stake, committed mass murder (including children), committed mass rape and conspiracy (especially against children), oppressed science and retarded human progress and development the world over... But at least I can have respect for some of them. They are doing what the bible actually says. It is a radical book. All of the other "moderate" christians have just cherry picked their way to a watered down version that lets them claim to be religious and not get arrested because of heinous crimes.

3.I don't want to speak for anyone else at AR but I think I can say when we are told "You can't understand something with education", it makes us a bit wary. Why? Education is all we truly have to go on. And its an easy thing to do. All you (you collectively meaning "the religious") have to do is simply prove it. If you claim there is a god, prove it, hold a press conference, present your pier reviewed research and show the world. At that point, we all go away. Keep in mind, you have to prove "your God" not just a vague "creator".

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Hey, Dresmith. Welcome to the

Hey, Dresmith. Welcome to the AR. Uh, just to give you a heads-up, I would not hold my breath waiting on a response from the OP. This thread is over three years old, and to the best of my knowledge the writer of it has not been seen around these parts since. No biggie. It happens.

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tin-Man, you are such a cool

tin-Man, you are such a cool guy. You are so kind. My oil can would follow you anywhere.


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"before there was a history

"before there was a history book there was the bible,"

Hilarious, I miss Billy, seriously. I mean how often do you get to laugh like this.

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This is a general blanket

This is a general blanket statement, but my experience has taught me it's mostly true. Most religious folk, especially Fundies, are not well-read, and did not do well in school. Therefore, their bible is likely to be the first "history" book they have ever read, if at all. They aren't stupid or unintelligent. They just never read. Maybe too busy feeding their families, or several good reasons.

I know this is a widespread, dangerous statement, but it's been my experience from being in the Nazarene church. Methodists are worse. They base their worship on the bible, but have never read it. I knew one guy who would just carry his around thinking it would somehow "rub off" on him.

It's authentic comedy. It's Ricky Gervais.

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my god would be mightier than

my god would be mightier than yours ... if I would have one ... proving god with words is absurd

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@porkamotorka" Ha! My God

@porkamotorka" Ha! My God is greater than yours. My God is your god plus 1. Your god is a phony god.

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My god has a penis larger

My god has a penis larger than Jupiter, and an anus larger than Uranus.

My god dresses like a pimp and has an entourage of over a billion ho's.

My god drives a pimpmobile that makes Thor's chariot pulled by goats look like a .. wagon pulled by a goat.

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My god has a penis that can

My god has a penis that can cover the sun and an anus that shits it out. My god dresses like the Pope which is the same as a pimp +1. My god has a pimpmobile that makes Thor's chariot look like a VW Bug because it can fly at the speed of light, be everywhere in the universe at the same time, and poop out cookies.

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My god has a micro-penis with

My god has a micro-penis with a tiny little anus tighter than a size 6 shoe on a size 10 foot. And he drives a p.o.s. 80's model Datsun hatchback with a busted muffler and no AC. He doesn't have much of an entourage, but he does at least have a pet goldfish, two hamsters, and four cats. Okay, technically the cats aren't really his. They are just strays that show up from time to time looking for a free handout. Hmmmm.... Maybe it's time to upgrade my god... *scratching chin*...


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