YouTube Videos and why they are annoying.

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YouTube Videos and why they are annoying.

This is a debate form. Understandably in discussions, we need to provide proof of what we claim (yes that goes for all of you christians as well). Inevitably we use YouTubes videos as part of that proof. However, some of us ONLY rely on YouTube videos which by their very nature are unreliable in the same vein that Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and the many social media sources are. This is by its very nature unacceptable.
Also if one cares to read the Forum Guidelines #12 states:
"No advertising or self-promotion"
I bring this to attention because lately and from time to time people come here to do just that. They want to get a following on YouTbe. Maybe it is for financial reasons or any number of other reasons but it is still a violation. The point here is that the dabate forum is not a platform to drive people to YOUR YouTube video.
I have ABSOLUTELY NO authority to even ask people to stop this practice but it IS annoying. I don't want to waste time watching a 1-hour video that is nothing more than a self-promotion.
I come here to discuss issues to converse with other members to make observations. I don't come here to go to other sites or watch YouTube videos all day.
Now the moderator will probably say this is a non-issue. Fine so it may very well be. It is just MY observation.

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If a person does link a video

If a person does link a video, they should at least give a brief summary of it. And posting a long list of videos is probably not going to get anybody to actually watch a single one.

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And of course - you don't

And of course - you don't have to click on the link. There is no reason what so ever for you to go to YouTube from here. Ignore the posts with links. It's fairly simple.

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Hi mykcob4 I feel you buddy

Hi mykcob4 I feel you buddy sometimes youtube videos do not have a place in a debate forum and sometimes youtube videos like wikipedia are unreliable. However I disagree that youtube videos by their very nature are unreliable because literally any type of video can be and are uploaded to youtube with varying degrees of reliability some made by individuals and some made by corporations each is different and unique and needs to be judged on its own, you cannot just just cast a net over every single video in the world and say they are all bunk. No doubt you recognize my name because we have talked on this forum in the past and you know that I make and sometimes share my own videos on here. I do not feel personally when I do this I am spamming this forum which I honestly enjoy deeply engaging it but instead I share my recent ideas about different topics of history, theology, and philosophy on this platform that has been so kind to me by letting me express myself and my art and for those who participate in this forum were so kind as to take the time to watch my videos and to discuss their substance. I really hope that I can continue doing just that here because I deeply enjoy it. I feel like there is ultimately nothing wrong by putting your ideas into a video or by sharing the ideas of someone else through this medium in fact like many other I perfer watching videos over reading the same material often times. As for the self promotion aspect of the whole thing, yes if you link a video it will get views but even in an active forum that usually amounts to just a couple of people, if a person only seeks self promotion this is a terrible way of going about it so because of this I do not think there is much danger in allowing people to link videos.

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I agree I don't think all videos are bad, but most videos are not supported by facts and most are just pure propaganda. I wasn't advocating banning YouTube videos but consider Russian Tank. All he does is watch bullshit YouTube videos that target low education superstitious people and he believes that shit. Also, how many times have we asked christians for proof of their claims and they automatically link a William Craig video? That is what I am talking about. I use YouTube many times but those videos come from a reliable source.
Also how many times has someone come here to promote THEIR YouTube video? They are trying to get paid and nothing else. When they get enough views and likes then they get paid out of the advertising revenue.
These are the cases I am talking about.

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I feel you there are

I feel you there are definitely cases of people just abusing the forum or making discussion difficult with plaid out arguments in hour long poorly recorded S***vids

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