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12 Commandments

Whenever I see the forum rules (which were 10 in number previously, currently 12), it bugs me, because 12 seems rather excessive and of course I think of how in the bible, they only had 10.

In addition, I thought that if they were in some approximate order of importance, e.g. 1) being something like "Do no harm." (I think threatening harm is actually a form of harm in itself but I can understand why it might need to be a distinct prohibition), they would have more gravitas.

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They probably could use an

They probably could use an overhaul. Write something up!

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Maybe something like:

Maybe something like:
1) Do not harm or threaten
2) No bullying or trolling
3) No discrimination
4) Respect the privacy of others
5) No links to gory pictures or harmful websites
6) No scams or spam
7) No advertising or self-promotion
8) No non-English posts
9) Keep on topic

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10) No plagiarism of

10) No plagiarism of copyrighted material

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I'd probably put that at

I'd probably put that at number 6 in my list in terms of approximate importance :p.

Edit: actually, maybe no. 7.

Eh, I think my rewriting might be a bit clunky (in terms of using 'or', for example, and perhaps the gory pictures and harmful websites one could be written better).

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"gory pictures and harmful

"gory pictures and harmful websites one could be written better"

No gory, inflammatory, pornographic or illegal posts or links

? wdyt?

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@Old man shouts,

@Old man shouts,
"No gory, inflammatory, or illegal posts or links" might be better.

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You only need one rule: some

You only need one rule: some members are more equal than others.

Thus why Sheldon is allowed to spam, but not Neel. Mykcob4 is the exception, he went missing after questioning the pigs in charge of this farm.

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Breezy - Thus why Sheldon is

Breezy - Thus why Sheldon is allowed to spam, but not Neel...

No action was taken against Neel.

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DUDE. You wanna get spanked don't you?

13th Commandment: If you cannot present your case to those in authority using reason, rationality, logic, and actual thinking, then hire a lawyer.


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How about just one

How about just one commandment - "Don't be a dick." (Jim Jefferies)

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Humans don't need

Humans don't need commandments. Sheep do!

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I like to make a new

I like to make a new comandment:
Intelligence doesn't do shit. Be kind.

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then pray for it. maybe he'll

then pray for it. maybe he'll hear you..

like you said "Intelligence doesn't do shit. Be kind."

maybe prayers can do shit...so start praying...please?

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So you can just say I'm a

So you can just say I'm a idiot who believes in a "imaginary being"? No thanks.

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*face palm overload*

*face palm overload*


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