Are There Login Issues?

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Are There Login Issues?

My prior UserName that I used for several prior months was mbrownec. I have not been able to login under that UserName for over a week. I kept receiving the following error message:

The UserName has not been activated or has been blocked.

Obviously, my prior UserName was activated. Hence, I must have been blocked from the website. I ask that an administrator -- or anyone else -- please inform me what I posted in a prior post that would have caused me to be blocked.

Thank you ... I appreciate your response!

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I did not block you and do

I did not block you and do not know who did so or why they might have done so.

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Your original acct is active

Your original acct is active again.

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Thank you, CyberLN, I

Thank you, CyberLN, I appreciate your help!

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