Back button not working on Atheist Forum

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Back button not working on Atheist Forum

Recently I'm no longer able to close a post and go back to the list by clicking the "back one page" button in my browser (Firefox 70.0). I've also noticed that the Forum no longer opens with messages updated, so after logging on I have to click the "refresh" button to see the latest messages.

Are these deliberate changes?

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The back button is working

The back button is working again. Thanks.

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Some changes were made to

Some changes were made to improve the performance of the website. I hope it feels to be a bit faster now.

Yes, the back button issue has been fixed.

The forum page will need to be refreshed or visited from the breadcrumbs or the navigation menu bar as with the current configurations of the website the back button of browser does not trigger a request to server.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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The back button's actually

The back button's actually working better now. Before if you posted a message and then hit the back button to go back to the list, it would take you back into the message editing screen. I think that was responsible for a lot of accidental double posts.

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God is great. Love this.

God is great. Love this.

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