bating for a fight

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bating for a fight

Pathway is bating for a fight. Anyone that replies to his/her post on this thread gets a personal attack from him/her.

"Ah, an ex-christian! How long have you been an atheist?"
"A pattern emerges. Another ex-christian with a superiority complex. Interesting."

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No offense mykckob4 . I am

No offense mykckob4 . I am enjoying the argument with PM.

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me too, actually he seems

me too, actually he seems quite mature and willing to debate rather then troll.

Well what do you expect, you need to tolerate their shock when they encounter an atheist.

Remember that somewhere inside them, they think that we are possessed or something lol.

So they would be thinking something along these lines unconsciously:

"HOLY shit this blasphemer is so much infected by the devil that ready to accuse god himself."


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My apologies, mykckob, if I

My apologies, mykckob, if I insulted you. I thought that your response was a little rude, and the two of you were formerly Christian. Atheists who were once Christians tend to be somewhat bitter, and not open to discussion without being quite aggressive.

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All I want is reasonable

All I want is reasonable discussion. I don't care if you agree with me or not. I am not here to convert anyone. I think that converting people is practically an impossibility.
We have all been on forums were there is NO discussion only fights.
I don't want to fight. I would much rather read real content supported by fact and enjoy other perspectives.
Apology accepted.

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