Book "Jesus, the False Messiah"

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Book "Jesus, the False Messiah"

Hello everyone and sorry for my English.
I was going to publish one of my books (Jesus, the false messiah) in AR, after translate from Spanish into English by a volunteer AR. Thus Casper promised to me for over a year. But for some reason unknown to me, it will not.
For months he did not answer me despite my many requests to know the situation of the translation. Just do not answer me, nor the team AR whom I sent my queries.
I hope they all be well and in case no longer provide that service, the least they could do is let me know: the problem then is not the delay in the translation but lack of communication.
I'll give it to another publisher for translation and publication because I think a year (today, 09/07/2016) waiting is too, especially if no one answers me and I do not know the situation of the book.
I would have preferred to see it published in AR, that book and other mine, but ...
MiltonAsh, unbiblical writer since 2005, published 12 books of biblical criticism.

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Google translate seems pretty

Google translate seems pretty good MiltonAsh. Please see below...

Back cover:

The religious believes that there are no contradictions, errors or plagiarisms in the Bible; That they have taught him.

Most unbelievers suspect or know that there are because they have read some part or because someone has told them, they know some plagiarism, some contradiction and error. But that's not enough. It is not convenient or sufficient to believe or think that there are: it must be demonstrated, lest they rise to the same level as the believer, who believes without knowing: for these reasons, I know that at this point of human knowledge some will appear superficial Record of biblical expletives, which could be an insult to the current human mind and intelligence, but you have to do it because many others do not know them. Some believe or think there are, but only a few. Very few suspect, believe or know that there are thousands.

For this I write this book: to demonstrate, to record, that there are, there are thousands, so that whoever has a demonstrable truth, take advantage of it, and so be free.

This is much more than a book on contradictions, errors and plagiarism in the Bible in which only passages are confronted: there are comments with hard evidence, most contributed by those authorized to interpret and comment.

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Yes, but it is not the same to write short paragraphs for personal consumption as a whole book to publish, I say.
Thanks for the idea. I'll keep that in mind. Regards

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How many pages/words is the

How many pages/words is the book?

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The book has 250 pages, but

The book has 250 pages, but can be reduced by eliminating some data; Of course it can also be expanded. But half, more or less, are biblical passages that are already translated into English from an English Bible. Just translate about 120 pages (some have only one or two paragraphs), about 30,000 words. And I have published 12 books in Spanish, and another (about prophecies) about to be published in a few days. This is written in English on Google.

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Finally, the book is likely

Finally, the book is likely to be published in English in about a month. I'll let you know if someone here is interested. It will be available in Amazon and in my Web to send it (from Spain) the author directly to the reader, with signature and personal dedication.
Theme: A study of the (false) messianism of Jesus. Based on biblical and evangelical material.

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The book is about to be sent

The book is about to be sent to the Publisher. It can be published in two o three weeks, if they accept it, of course.
Detail of Back Cover of the book (I do not know if there will be any last minute changes): "About the Book. English edition (2017) of the important subject of the messianism of Jesus. Published previously in Spanish in three editions: 2008, 2011 and 2016. This is one of those specific Themes, some readers say it's the most important of all (If Jesus was not the messiah, Christianity collapses), and the first of my books translated into English. Study based on biblical passages and evangelical material: the Bible itself and the writings of its evangelical scholars give the option to this Essay".
I'll let know when it's published in case someone here is interested.

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To Whom it May Concern.

Book "Jesus, the False Messiah. A Study About the Messianism of Jesus": published yesterday, April 04, 2017.
See more information in my Site:

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Hello Ash,

Hello Ash,

The reference you shared is not working, unfortunately. Could you please resend the book page? I'm currently studying the myths and analyze facts about the "messiah" title of Jesus and how it developed through ages. [advertisement to essay writing service removed by Nyarlathotep, poster banned]

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RE: First link: "For one

RE: First link: "For one who has already made up his or her mind that Jesus is not the Messiah, no amount of evidence will be convincing."

That's because THERE IS NO GOOD EVIDENCE. Bad assertions of evidence that are piled on other bad assertions of evidence does not equal evidence. It does not equal evidence no matter how many ignorant assertions you stack together.

WHAT ARE THE CREDENTIAL? Made up stories after the fact. Do you not know that every Jew of the time was completely familiar with Old Testament Prophecy. There is no evidence what so ever that a Jesus Christ figure was born in Bethlehem, from the tribe of Judah, presented himself by riding on an ass, was tortured to death, lived before the destruction of the Second Temple, or that this person suffered, silently at his arrest and trial, death and then was buried in a rich man’s tomb, and resurrected: Isaiah 52:13-53:12



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Publishers edit books for you

Publishers edit books for you. They will tell you what changes to make. That is what they do. Unfortunately, THEY DO NOT FACT CHECK BOOKS FOR YOU.

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