Controversial shouldn't mean heated

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Controversial shouldn't mean heated

Looking at the boards over time and using a sweeping statement: it may be true that we contributors don't always display the highest standards of respect for each other and the best of debating principles. This likely includes myself in which case I sincerely apologize.

Please let's ensure language is couched to address the issue or opinion, not the person. We'll enjoy it more and be seen to try to set the right example. I notice that contributors here can be as young as 16. (Some boards have an age restriction of 'over 18').

An example of what I mean is: "To argue that there's a god is to exhibit superstition and it's wrong to treat superstition as fact" is far better than "You are being superstitious and ignorant" because it is good practice to say "it is wrong" and unnecessarily personal to say "you are wrong".

I hope contributors of longstanding will not take exception to this newbie being mildly critical. I feel I might not be alone in thinking we could do better on examining hot topics sometimes and, as a possibly guilty party, that's all I'm saying. I am hoping older hands might be able to improve on this rule and the question I try to ask myself before posting?...

I always find a good rule is 'never post when irritated or angered' :-)

A good question to ask (pre-posting) is "is this impolite?" If so, can I re-phrase?

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I fully agree.

I fully agree.

I have been way to emotional many times and way to quick to judge others. But I continuously try to improve myself at keeping the discussions polite and respectful, and thereby much more constructive.

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Being nice is a good rule. It

Being nice is a good rule. It is best not to post if you have drinking too much. That includes caffeine or alcohol.

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