Deleting posted comments, private messaging, and an easier way to talk

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Deleting posted comments, private messaging, and an easier way to talk

(1)Recently I joined another forum site, and I downloaded and app called "Tapatalk." This app has made it significantly easier than using an internet browser. Is there an app that can do that for atheist republic?

(2) Does "Enter a user name to write a message to a user." Mean that I have to put (I'll use mine as an example): Hawk Flint [ætherborn98]?

(3)Every time I try to delete a comment, I get a "Ooops... You don't seem to have access to this page."

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Although I can't give you

Although I can't give you specific answers, I can point you in the direction of a user called "The Pragmatic." He is a very active admin that you can find in most topics, he seems to know a lot about the functions of the website.

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I just noticed this topic, I

I just noticed this topic, I forget to scroll down sometimes.

@ Seenyab4

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not an admin... :)
I've been around for a while, I'm active (at least in periods) and I'm developer, which makes me look at some of the site's functionality with a especially critical eye.
I totally get the misunderstanding though. Lolz :)

@ Hawk Flint

(1) No, there's no app as far as I'm aware of. They have just made an attempt at trying to adapt the site to mobile devices.

(2) No, you have to enter the users original user name. At least, that seems to work most of the time. It can (at the time of writing) be found in the users profile page, in the caption that says "FORUM REPLIES BY <user name>".
If you copy n' paste that name you'll get a correctly capitalized original name and it should work to send personal messages.
Note: The drop-down below the field will show the current visible user name that matches what you type in, but don't select it.

(3) The delete functionality was available for all users for a brief period of time, but the chaos it created was probably not worth the benefits, so they locked the functionality. Angry replies directed at a deleted post could seem directed at another post, and so on.

However, you can edit your posts, but that still has a lot of problems:
An edited post does not show that it has been edited, not even a time stamp for if/when it was edited. Sometimes this causes honest mistakes, sometimes it is dishonestly misused (but not very often it seems).
Many use it to remove the content of the second post when the infamous 'double post' bug appears.

I often edit my own posts directly after posting it, because I'm bad at correcting mistakes before posting it. But, if a post has replies, it shouldn't be allowed to be edited, at least not without a visible edit-notification.
But, still I tend to correct my own spelling errors and incorrectly constructed sentences, but I avoid changing the actual meaning and content.
Many of us write "EDIT:" or "EDITED TO ADD:" to show that we have added something to a post after it was posted.
It's just as easy to write "REMOVED: <description of what was removed>", to keep things honest.

Tip: When answering posts of substance, I often copy the post I'm directing my answer to, into a notes application and write my reply there. That way you have a copy of the post you answered (in case a dishonest user changes the content of their post), it's easier to pick out quotes and when you copy-paste and send your answer back, you have backup in case the site is down or there is a network failure.

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@The Pragmatic,

@The Pragmatic,

Thank you both.

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