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Feedback and Suggestions

I am very new to this site but since the first day I have been struggling with several features. The first one was not seeing any type of alert that warned me about replies in my post. I found a button saying “subscribe to this post” but it would send an email as alert. I think that is a good option for following other threads but for a thread created by oneself, the alert should be something that is visible on the website.

Later I tested the subscribe option. No notice appeared inbox although there were new posts in the thread. Then I thought that maybe it was because I had become member through facebook account and not the traditional way. So notification seems like an issue that needs an improvement.

Today I decided to check what site support was about. I noticed the most replied thread was "Requesting Feedback". Great I thought, this is where I can post my feedback regarding notification. But there were too many posts and I couldn’t check whether that issue had been already been addressed. Also the featured posts on the page was the oldest ones like from 2012. No filter option to bring the newest ones on top, actually no filter of any type exists.

I decided to search for keywords but the search had no advanced option where subheadings can be selected to narrow down the search area. It would be like looking for a needle in the haystack.

So, here’s what I think should be done to improve the site and make it more user friendly (and attractive);

- Built in notification system alerting users about activities in their own threads

- Built in notification system alerting users about activities in the threads they have posted a reply to or subscribed to

- Advanced search with subheadings, keywords, even user name filters

- Filter option for displaying the replies according to newest/latest/most liked etc first

- Filter option to list threads according to the date published (not first/latest activity)

- Option to follow members too and not only posts

- Improved text editor with at least basic features like bold, italic, underline, lists (numbered and bulleted) and creating table/grids (very much needed for me for comparing verses and hadiths)

- For feedback and suggestions to improve the website, a new subcategory where users create threads with clear headlines like “Instant message option through clicking the member name” and the idea can be improved or deemed unnecessary by the involvement of other members. This way a feedback/suggestion will not get lost among tens or hundreds of replies or be repeated and not evolved in any way.

- (EDIT) Also an additional "tag" option when creating a post. This could be very useful when filtering posts with specific context. ie islam, christianity, polytheism, paganism, atheism, antitheism, deism... selected through dropdown menu when editing and for members looking for any of these again a dropdown menu added to the forum post filter line (Date added Replies Views Last posts Tags)

That’s all I could think of for now but I’m sure senior members can add to this list because my experience is limited with forum page only.

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Unfortunately, there is no

Unfortunately, there is no development happening on the site these days. Several of us have been trying to alert about problems for some time now, but no changes.

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That's a shame. These type of

That's a shame. These type of sites are very important places to discuss and share ideas. So the feature of the forum is directly related with its main objective.

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Regardless, of whether it is

Regardless, of whether it is implemented or not, these are all great ideas. Hopefully they are one day implemented.

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Between work, house and my

Between work, house and my family I have no time left, otherwise I would sign up for it.

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Don't worry about it Prag, we

Don't worry about it Prag, we all have lives, and none of us hold it against you or anyone else. I'm honestly impressed that you are able to implement those functions onto the website, if you could, though. I have been trying to get into my schools Computer Science class for a while now, but no luck so far.

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