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Font Change to Ease Reading

Dear Atheist Republic Forum Boards Gurus

I may be asking the impossible, but who knows?

Is there any way y'all can get and use a different font for the forum threads? The font you currently use makes it exceptionally difficult to read. I always find myself having to zoom-in at least to 150% just to read it comfortably. Only problem is at that level, the DIVs start overlapping each other. It took me a while, but I have figured out the problem. The font you are using for the threads themselves stays at single "pixel" thick until the zoom-in level hits 150%, then it it thickens to two or three pixels thick.

If necessary, even switching over to Arial, or even better, Verdana font will alleviate this problem since these fonts use a thicker structure for the fonts. The curent font does make it exceptionally difficult for persons like me with failing eyesight as we age. My eyes have astigmatized that my eiesight can no longer be corrected to 20/20, but somewhere around 20/25.

Thank you for all you do.


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Does posting here even work?

Does posting here even work?


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Text rendering is done on the

Text rendering is done on the web browser side of things, meaning you have control here. A website can suggest a default font style to a browser, but text is text, I use a text only browser for much of my internet browsing, (it is my default browser) and it allows me to change to whatever font I like. I also think it is very likely all the major browsers, chrome, explorer, firefox safari etc have tools to do the same or plug ins that can change font as well. I do know you can change colors (I invert the text color to white/everything else black.)

It is also great for getting around paywalls, cutting out just about all ads (most of them are picture or video based) It is pretty comical sometimes how much a text only browser breaks web pages. Plus it also gets rid of all those facebook/google/twitter/etc that follows you around like a bad case of lice.

They even have them for phones/tablets, as it originated from phones to keep bandwidth use at a minimum by not even loading pictures/video unless you want it to.

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My problem is I don't know

My problem is I don't know how to do those things. I have only used browsers. Have always been afraid of breaking things. The reverse contrast is why I have always designed web pages to display bright on dark instead of the "paper" theme Microsoft forced onto the WWW design theory. I remember taking an Internet Design Theory class in college and finding a study done by Harvard where people found it much easier on the eyes browsing sites that had the bright on dark theme instead of the dark on bright theme. I even wrote an essay about that fact which also included an experiment to show the difference between the refracted light of a monitor and the reflected light of paper. Much greater difference. However, in the late 90s and early 2000s, Microsoft pushed their desire to have web pages designed like the printed page. I even wrote in that essay how Microsoft reportedly hired only the best and brightest, yet they also proved to be the dumbest. Some of my reading apps on my phone have a "night mode" where it reverses it to bright on dark, making it much easier to read in low light situations. Why can't the browsers have a button that does the same? Best and brightest people my ass...

What is that text only browser you use? I just might switch.


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I apologize I do not scroll

I apologize I do not scroll down and read these forums very often.

is a good place to start. WebIE I think will fill most of your usage criteria.

I personally use Elinks and labnol (free built in proxy browsing on that one!) based on the website I am accessing. I do find for browsing the web I start with a normal browser, then copy paste in urls as needed. As I said before using text only browser can "break" web pages, sometimes in pretty spectacular ways.

I don't advocate stealing private intellectual property, but lots of websites with paywalls to text articles preload the text before the ads and paywall cover graphics, meaning you can browse many news sites completely ad free and paywall free. I even use it on paywall sites I pay a subscription to.

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Sorry I ain't looked in here

Sorry I ain't looked in here for a while. AJ777, jnv3, and couple of others kept me busy messing with them.

DAMN! I did not know Lynx still existed. That was the first browser I ever used until Netscape came out two? years later.

Thanks a bunch for link. Got it bookmarked. Now just need to add a nagging Post-It note to check it again.


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If you are just looking to

If you are just looking to enlarge the text, here is the quick fix. Up on the right of your screen are three little dots. If you have an icon it will be to the extreme right. You will see a star, a face, and then the dots. Click on the dots and a drop down menu will appear.

You will see the word "zoom" and there will be a minus sign on one side and a plus sign on the other side. Hit the plus sign a couple of times and the page you are looking at will expand and become easier to read.

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If you are just looking to

Click on the three dots.
Go to "SETTINGS." click
Go to "APPEARANCE" click
Go to "CUSTOMIZE FONTS" Use the sliders to select your maximum and minimum sizes for fonts on web pages.

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Or you can just use Ctrl + or

Or you can just use Ctrl + or Ctrl - to zoom in/out.

I was wanting a font that had a thicker structure other than a single pixel.


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I guess I am not getting it.

I guess I am not getting it. From settings you can choose any font you like.
3Dots - settings - customize fonts ------ choose any font you like, thick, thin, whatever. I use Arial but if you want something darker try Aharoni , bauhaus 93 or Berlin Sans FB.

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I already changed the default

I already changed the default font. AR pages override it. I used to do that with websites I built, but after getting comments of persons disliking that behavior, I now to set a font for the webpage, but I do not set to override the browser's settings. That is just not cool.

AR, please turn off the override of my default font. Then again, I do not think they check these threads, thus, I do not see why they have a Support section...


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I can understand why you

I can understand why you might find it helpful to have the option to change the font size on the Atheist Republic website. It's important to make websites accessible to as many people as possible, and font size can be a big factor in readability for some users.

While I'm not sure if there is currently a way to change the font size on the Atheist Republic website, it might be worth reaching out to the site administrators to suggest this as a potential feature. In the meantime, there are several ways you can increase font size in your browser to make the site easier to read. Most browsers allow you to zoom in on a page using the Ctrl + or Cmd + keys, or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the address bar. You can also adjust the default font size in your browser settings.

I hope this helps, and best of luck in finding a solution that works for you!

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They may be able to offer a

They may be able to offer a solution or consider implementing changes in future updates.

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I assume the current font and

I assume the current font and size are a good fit and why would you want to change it? I haven't seen any member mention this problem and I recommend you get your eyesight checked. Hope you will listen to my opinion.

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