Forum Cleanup 6/14/2018

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Forum Cleanup 6/14/2018

There were an abnormal amount of clutter in our forum control panel.  I recenlty removed alot of 'old' comments that needed moderation. Most were dupicate posts, either by glitch or double clicking "post."

If you took offense to these I appologize. This is not an attempt to moderate your discussions. Just clean up the clutter.  

I will continue to keep an eye out in our Site Support area to catch any issues that may arise in the future.

-Site Admin

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Groovy. Nothing wrong with a

Groovy. Nothing wrong with a little house cleaning from time to time. You guys (and gals) are doing great. Thank you for all of your hard work.

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Man, AR, you guys are really

Man, AR, you guys are really on it. Last night I saw the swarm of whatever-it-was, and this morning, POOF!, they have been zapped.

Thank you so much.

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As I understand it, that is

As I understand it, that is typically the work of CyberLN and Nylar, the, (I am guessing,) volunteer mods. Always worth a shout out to them for their usually thankless work in the background to help the forums run smoothly.



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Cvber and Nylar? Well, thank

Cvber and Nylar? Well, thank you to them for the great job they're doing! That's a LOT OF WORK.


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I really hope folks donate.

I really hope folks donate. It's a lousy three bucks a month. That's asking so little for so much.

Donating = Loving

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