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Forum mechanics

I realise I'm new here, but the format of forum mechanics is very poor. It it not conducive to an easy free flow of communication. Good debates get stifled by losing track of when you are personally being responded to. We get to see the first new reply, but after that it is every man to himself ! Cycling through an entire post every time is hardly worth it, in a work/reward sense. I did read the tip of Ctrl F and the date, but that does not help new replies on the same day.
Would it not be easier to have some links on our profile page that took us directly to responses to our previous comments ?

I do appreciate the quality of intellect here, but the forum mechanics is really putting me off.

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Shiningone, you’re not the

Shiningone, you’re not the first to make this sort of comment. The Site Support Room is the best spot to note it. The folks with the ability to make changes to the format of this site would look there for suggestions / comments like this.

I’ll go ahead and move it there in just a bit.

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Indeed, not taking advantage

Indeed, not taking advantage of extant forum software that allows explicit identification of quoted individuals, etc., appears to have been a less than optimal move on the part of the site constructors.Though on the plus side, this site allows me to use HTML entities for assorted odd Unicode characters, which means I don't have to ask the admins to provide special tags facilitating this, as would be the case with many implementations of BBCode.

I suspect if I want to see the perfect software solution I'd like to see implemented, I'l have to spend 3 years writing and debugging it myself ...

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I went to "agree" and it now

I went to "agree" and it now says "Disagree" bizarre. I was going to make the same comment about how the message board works and saw your comment which is perfect. I'm new here also and I thought it was me and I was missing something.

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If you only see the disagree

If you only see the disagree button that means you already "agreed"

At least that is how it works for me.

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Just saw that you can

Just saw that you can "subscribe" to the post, going to try that.

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I really hope the forum moves

I really hope the forum moves towards a "Flat" view rather the "Threaded" view it currently has.

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Based on my limited

Based on my limited understanding of how these boards are hosted, that seems, unfortunately, to be an unlikely occurrence.

Still does not hurt to ask.

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It could happen if the Admins

It could happen if the Admins would just switch over to SMF. I already explained it to them with emails during the DDoS attack and after. However, no response. The Admins just cannot be bothered to actually administer the boards?

Best forum software there is. I am Mod of one forums that uses SMF, three others use it, in fact, AR is the only forums I have seen that does not use something similar to the "flat" style of SMF, phpBB, etc. In fact, the one I am a Mod, we were DDoS attacked and it only took us about 20 hours to be back to normal with only 4 hours lost data. Guess they cannot be bothered with actually have to administer the software, administer the forums, and administer proper data backup?


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