I was told there would be no math!

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I was told there would be no math!

Does the math question go away when I get to a high enough post count? I understand it help protect against bots and appreciate that. Was just wondering if this is permanent.

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Yes. It's permanent.

Yes. It's permanent.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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"I was told there would be

"I was told there would be no math!"

--and nor is there. The questions we are asked to prove we are not bots is simple addition; arithmetic.

I can do it, and the last time I passed math at school was grade seven. Did language instead.

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My husband was a math major.

My husband was a math major. He can do trigonometry in his head but can’t add or subtract without paper and pencil.

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I understand that. I was asking if it ever went away. I was wondering if once the post count got to a certain level one that the software would deem the poster to be proven not to be a bot and the question would go away. Apparently it doesn't and I'm ok with it.

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Problem is people reuse

Problem is people reuse passwords and usernames, or create guessable passwords. You could have someone with 10,000 posts, but if they had a weak pw, or their pw got compromised elsewhere (especially an email pw) people can use that stolen account to spam a message board like this.

There is even bot's that automate this sort of stealing of pw stuff. It is a huge huge! problem for netflix.

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At least its better than trying to read those blurry, messed up letters/numbers or counting how many buses are in six photos. No complaints from me.


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Math reminds your brain there

Math reminds your brain there's a constant.

The day 15+1 isn't 16, is the day I get to walk around naked because nothing matters anymore. That is the definition of apocalyptic measures to me. That's the worst an atheist can get. But if you take the math away, I promise you that you'll never unsee something.

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It's permanent.https:/

It's permanent.

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