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This site really needs and notification system.

Who agrees?

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Notifications of what?

Notifications of what?

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what is a notification system

what is a notification system?

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@Agnostic Prophet

@Agnostic Prophet

I couldn't agree more.

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I'll ask again: what sort of

I'll ask again: what sort of notifications?

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Sorry, I started this thread

Sorry, I started this thread and haven't been back.

I would want a notification system that alerts to if someone has replied to a thread that you have commented. It can be internal. I suppose Facebook has spoiled me. I make a comment, a red number appears on the top bar to tell me how many people have commented a post you're following. Something like that.

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Incidentally, if this site

Incidentally, if this site had a notification system, it wouldn't have taken me so long to respond.

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I am assuming notifications

I am assuming notifications when someone uses @burn your bible I would then get a notice that I have someone I need to respond to. Not really sure though

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Yeah, I'd assume like getting

Yeah, I assume like getting a notification whenever someone agrees with one of our comments, or have the option to activate the notifications whenever a topic gets a reply and all that. I'd love that!

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The functionality to

The functionality to subscribe to an OP is already available. Every time someone adds a comment, you will be emailed. Simply click “Subscribe to this Post” located directly below the OP.

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I think it'd be nice to have

I think it'd be nice to have that imbedded in the website, like Facebook. Getting an email is like having someone call your phone to tell you someone commented on your post.

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That's great if you check

That's great if you check your emails regularly, but I don't, like most people I know.

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What I'd like is a way to

What I'd like is a way to access a direct messaging inbox in the form of a button or something big and obvious. If one already exists and I'm just blind, someone please tell me.

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I absolutely agree!

I absolutely agree!

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I agree 100% to this article.

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