Password purgatory

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Password purgatory

I tried to change my password today because my computer had to go in for repairs. I changed it ok, but when I tried to log back in, AR didn't want to know me. After numerous password reset requests, a link finally showed up in my spam box several hours later allowing me to get back in.

Is something broken in the password machine? Is Gmail anti-atheist?

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There is definitely a glitch

There is definitely a glitch in the password reset certainly isn't activated as quickly as other forums....

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I tried to set up another

I tried to set up another account so I could post a request for help in this forum, but the confirmation email didn't come through until the next day. I'm pretty sure the process was instant when I first signed up a few years ago. It'd be a shame if new members were discouraged by the delay.

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Yeah, something is

Yeah, something is wrong. I'll pass that info up the chain.

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The mailing system is changed

The mailing system is changed, the issue has been fixed.

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