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I guess I don't know how to PM on this site. Could someone PLEASE tell me the correct way of doing it.

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The following was more or

The following was more or less discovered by the user "The Pragmatic". The problem is some users seem to have 2 (or more!) different names. Their initial name, and their current name. When you click on the button to send someone a message, it populates the form with their current name; HOWEVER, if you do not use the initial name the message will fail.

So if their initial name is different from their current name, using the button to populate the name field will fail when you try to send it. In this case you need to manually type in their initial name.

The next logical question is: how can I tell what someone's initial name is?

Answer: I have no fucking idea. The only reason I know it works is I've had someone tell me their initial name and it fixed the problem.

One solution is to have them message you (assuming you don't have this 2 name problem yourself). Once you have a conversation going, you can use the reply option to message them successfully.

/e I should add that all of this is just a guess, from examining the black box that is the we don't have any inside info, so this could be wrong I suppose.

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Above is correct. Until the

Above is correct. Until the admins get this changed, you can ask me what a person's user name is and, as long as they have checked the box allowing PMs, I will send it to you.

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"Until the admins get this

"Until the admins get this changed"

No critique what so ever aimed at you LN.
But considering how long this problem has been around and considering how many times it has been mentioned in the Feedback thread (not to mention other problems as well), I don't recommend anyone holding their breath until it's fixed.

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Well it is nice that you

Well it is nice that you provide this work around service CyberLN!

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Is what it is...yer all my

Is what it is...yer all my darlins and I'll do what I can laddie :-)

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Go to the profile of the

Go to the profile of the person in question and look at the "Posts and/or Replies by *Insert name here*" that should have there initial name. I'm back from Russia!

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Oh wow, you are right! Can't

Oh wow, you are right! Can't believe I missed it! Good catch!

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Indeed, very good catch! I

Indeed, very good catch! I guess it's the monocle that gives you such a keen eye. :)

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It might be worth noting that

It might be worth noting that using the original name doesn't seem to be the solution in all cases.

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Hmm... Perhaps, if we could

Hmm... Perhaps, if we could get someone to fix......... Oh, who am I kidding.......

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Great stuff! I'll tell my

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